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Everything you need to know about COVID-19 antibody testing

Though experts say there is now evidence that the presence of antibodies results in some immunity to the virus that ...

‘Immunological dark matter’: Is this why some people have a pre-existing immunity to COVID-19?

More than half a million people have died from COVID-19 globally. It is a major tragedy, but perhaps not on the ...
skynews herd immunity coronavirus

Early COVID-19 hotspots like New York City and northern Italy may be edging towards herd immunity

There are reasons to think the novel coronavirus began spreading earlier than previously understood, raising the possibility that herd immunity ...
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Testing negative for COVID-19 antibodies? Many people still have some protection against the virus

For every person testing positive for antibodies, two [people with negative tests] were found to have specific T-cells which identify ...
three stooges

The Three Stooges illustrate why coronavirus-fighting ‘antibody cocktails’ could help contain the virus well before a vaccine

“You imbecile!” bellowed Moe Howard as he stuck a finger up the nose of Curly. Moe the bully would often ...
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5 percent of COVID-19 survivors have super strength ‘neutralizing antibodies’ crucial for developing a vaccine

The discovery of antibodies that block the most infectious elements of the coronavirus is helping Bay Area scientists unlock the ...
super potent covid neutralizing antibodies isolated and successfully tested in animals

COVID-19 recoverers appear to rapidly lose antibodies, leaving them vulnerable to reinfection within months

Infections caused by coronavirus cousins such as SARS and MERS result in antibodies that remain in the body for nearly ...

Regeneron’s COVID-19 antibody ‘cocktail’ therapy enters clinical trials—could be ready for emergency use in the fall

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. said [June 11 that] it is beginning to test in humans a potential coronavirus drug, the latest ...
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Coronavirus antibodies from GMO cows set for summer clinical trials

The latest recruits in the fight against COVID-19 are munching hay in a South Dakota barn. A biotech company has ...
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Coronavirus survivors’ plasma offers ‘modest’ recovery boost for infected patients, small study suggests

A small study of patients who were severely ill from the coronavirus hints that treatment with antibodies from recovered patients ...

Quest for coronavirus treatment inspires modern twist on antique technique using survivors’ plasma

There's no shortage of research efforts looking for ways to stop, or at least slow down, the novel coronavirus. Of ...
ma malaria shot lead

‘Self-destruct mechanism’ could lead to malaria vaccine

While a vaccine would be the ideal method for eliminating malaria from the human population, all attempts thus far to ...
istock bloodtest

Can we trust coronavirus antibody tests never reviewed by the FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration, criticized for slowness in authorizing tests to detect coronavirus infections, has taken a strikingly different ...
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How would a coronavirus antibody test work?

The hunt is on for a coronavirus antibody test that tells people whether they have had COVID-19 and are immune ...
when to stop treatment

Coronavirus immunotherapy could arrive by early summer. Is ‘record time’ fast enough?

Blood-plasma-based cures aren’t just the stuff of movies. There’s plenty of science to back the idea that blood products from ...

Can llamas give us a universal flu vaccine?

Llama antibodies are different from ours. Our antibodies are a mix of two pairs of proteins, heavy and light, wrapped ...
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Could the common cold be cured in the next decade?

Three new approaches could give us a true cure to the common cold ...

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