Universal ecology: Laws of physics and mathematics apply across the universe. Are there biological laws?

On Earth, bacteria grow exponentially, lynx eat hares, and red panda populations decline due to habitat loss and fragmentation. How ...
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Infographic: Quantum ‘tricks’ influence photosynthesis, other biological functions

ENZYME CATALYSIS: A TUNNEL THROUGH THE BARRIER Traditional theories of enzyme catalysis hold that the proteins speed up reactions by ...
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Was our brain growth kick-started by ancestors scavenging bone marrow from animal carcasses?

A new theory challenges assumptions about when and how our ancestors altered their behaviors to boost brainpower ...

Are science and religion destined to be at ‘war’?

Religion and science are incorrectly pictured as warring belief systems ...
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No strings attached: Why are men more interested in casual sex?

First, is there any truth in [gender] stereotypes? And second, if there is, why? The answer to the first question, ...

Is a robotic dog as good as the real thing?

Scientists have long understood the psychological benefits of computerized companions. Studies have shown they can help combat loneliness among the elderly, motivate students in ...

How do you make a lab-grown burger?

In July, [the alternative-meat] movement passed a new milestone: In a packed auditorium in suburban Maryland, the FDA convened the ...
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New Age Meats lab-grown sausage passes first taste test

On [September 17th], the startup, called New Age Meats, let a handful of journalists and prospective investors taste its prototype product ...
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Scientists devise new way to protect forests from habitat destruction

Globally, forest trees are increasingly at risk from habitat destruction .... But the guidelines for effective preservation of a tree ...
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Agricultural innovations in synthetic biology will help launch next tech boom

Civic and mechanical engineering harnessed the principles of physics to erect buildings, cities, and modes of transportation. Chemical engineering exploited ...

Digitizing DNA: Real reasons to worry about cyberbiosecurity

The intersection between biology and digital technology opens the door for incredible discoveries, but also creates opportunities for dangerous events, ...
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Biodiversity is more than just beauty: ‘It is the very apparatus that holds us steady’

Biodiversity is integral to life, but is more than just a huge number of species: It also represents the variations ...
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Can’t get motivated? You may be able to blame your genes

Being apathetic may feel like following the path of least resistance. But studies of apathy in the brain show otherwise ...
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What role might genes play in ‘creating’ terrorists?

As more terrorism sweeps across the globe, scientists begin to look at a biological basis for organized violent behavior ...
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If you’re indifferent about reading this article, it may be genetic

Being apathetic may feel like following the path of least resistance. But studies of apathy in the brain show otherwise ...
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