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‘Bioelectric memory patch’ promises to boost short-term memory. Could it really work?

Diana Kwon | 
What if you could boost your brain’s processing capabilities simply by sticking electrodes onto your head and flipping a switch? ...
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Can we boost human memory by tweaking the microbiome?

A new study is among the first to trace the molecular connections between genetics, the gut microbiome and memory in ...
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Specialized ‘event’ cells help your brain keep all your memories organized, study suggests

Simon Makin | 
Our recollection of events is usually not like a replay of digital video from a security camera—a passive observation that ...
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Our brains on trial: How new imaging technology could alter the way courts view ‘neurolaw’ defenses when determining guilt

Eryn Brown | 
States of mind that the legal system cares about — memory, responsibility and mental maturity — have long been difficult ...

People with better memories may have better romantic relationships, study suggests

David Hambrick | 
Common topics of marital disagreement are money, sex and time spent together. None of this will surprise anyone who has ...
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Could a pill make you need less sleep? This genetics research suggests it could happen

Karen Weintraub | 
We all wish we could get by on less sleep, but one father and son actually can—without suffering any health ...
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‘Artificial’ memory and identity’: Scientists create memories ‘indistinguishable’ from natural ones—in mice

Robert Martone | 
Experience and memory are inexorably linked, or at least they seemed to be before a recent report on the formation of completely ...
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How animal memories can be harnessed in the quest to treat Alzheimer’s

April Reese | 
Alzheimer's trials are notoriously disappointing. The discovery that rats have episodic memory means researchers can test drugs before they move ...
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Does air pollution contribute to poor attention, memory problems for kids?

Jackie Rocheleau | 
Over the past decade or so, in both animals and humans, in the lab and in the real world, scientists ...
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‘Built to forget’: Why memory lapses are good for our brains

Lauren Gravitz | 
Until about ten years ago, most researchers thought that forgetting was a passive process in which memories, unused, decay over ...
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If you can’t remember your dreams, is there something wrong with you?

Megan Schmidt | 
What is it about people who don’t remember their dreams that sets them apart from the people that do? Is ...
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Brain’s ‘instant replay’ system helps us make better decisions

Bret Stetka | 
A report published on June 27 in Science reveals how the hippocampus learns and hard wires certain experiences into memory ...
some common drugs may increase dementia risk

Drugs used for depression, epilepsy may increase risk of dementia, study shows

Jacqueline Howard | 
Scientists have long found a possible link between anticholinergic drugs and an increased risk of dementia.  A study published in ...
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Surgically implanted chips could boost memory for people with traumatic brain injuries

Caroline Winter | 
Over the past five years, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has invested $77 million to develop devices ...
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Electrical ‘brain ripples’ could boost memory for the elderly, Alzheimer’s patients

Simon Makin | 
Specific patterns of brain activity are thought to underlie specific processes or computations important for various mental faculties, such as ...

Video: See how the brain makes memories

Nicholas Turk-Browne | 
Watch Princeton University’s Nicholas Turk-Browne describe his research on how the human brain makes, stores and adjusts memories. Read full, ...

Learn while sleeping? Listening to foreign words could ‘enhance’ language abilities

Megan Schmidt | 
[L]istening to French on tape while you sleep is unlikely to instantly give you the ability to order a vanilla ...

Can’t remember what happened last night? How alcohol creates blackouts

Carolyn Johnson, Joel Achenbach | 
The allegations of sexual assault against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh have a common element of binge drinking, and highlight the ...

Remembering last year like last week: Is a perfect memory a blessing or a curse?

George Dvorsky | 
The ability to remember every moment of your life sounds like an amazing proposition, but for the very few people ...

Giving artificial intelligence a ‘memory’ and why that’s so remarkable

Dan Robitzski | 
AI systems’ tendency to forget the things it previously learned upon taking on new information is called catastrophic forgetting. … For ...

Mapping worm neurons to learn more about human memory

Justin Chen | 
Although memories seem ethereal, scientists believe that they may be stored in the connections between neurons called synapses. In theory, ...
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Why our earliest memories are often imagined

Ed Cara | 
If life is but a tapestry, then memory is the thread. But some of those threads may simply be imagined: ...

How dreams may help us declutter our brains and solve problems

Ben Locwin | 
Do you remember your dreams from last night? In how much detail? Were they related to anything you experienced during ...

Looking for a memory boost? Forget crossword puzzles and get more sleep

Ben Locwin | 
People try numerous methods to stave off the memory decline associated with old age, but how many of them actually ...

There’s a reason you have trouble thinking and remembering when hunger sets in

Ben Locwin | 
Why is it so hard to think while you're hungry? Researchers now believe it may come down to one protein ...
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Can we trust the eyes of those who witness crimes?

Andrew Porterfield | 
The credibility of eyewitness accounts has taken some hits from DNA evidence-based refutation of trial testimony. But there's more here ...
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Why is your memory so bad when you’re hungry?

Ben Locwin | 
Why is it so hard to think while you're hungry? Researchers now believe it may come down to one protein ...
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