Judge dismisses lawsuit alleging that ‘natural’ apple juice shouldn’t contain trace pesticides

On October 6, 2020, a California judge dismissed an amended complaint alleging that apple juice and applesauce products sold by ...

Natural is better? Fungus used in organic pesticides may cause ‘severe rot’ in corn, study finds

Protecting crops against pests and diseases is essential to ensure a secure food supply. Around 95 percent of food comes ...

Why grow GMOs? Because plants don’t naturally evolve into food fit for humans

Greg Bryan | 
Crop improvement has a history as old as human civilization. At its core is a strategy to pursue greater genetic ...
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Iowa farmer: I was duped by misleading ‘organic’ food labels. Learn from my mistakes

Michelle Miller | 
Years ago, I watched a “documentary” about the American food supply. While I’m not going to tell you the U.S ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Monocultures’ unnatural? Mother Nature grows them, too

Tim Durham | 
....[Wh]at’s often in the crosshairs of activists is the philosophy of the planting system — the “dreaded” monoculture. Row crops ...
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How the ‘seductive myth of nature’s goodness’ infiltrated our thinking about food, medicine and even makeup

James McConnachie | 
“Humankind is poised to make monumental decisions,” Alan Levinovitz warns, “about the meaning and importance of natural goodness.” ... His ...

Natural GMOs: Study shows that 12 popular foods were genetically modified by mother nature

Steven Salzberg | 
Even though no one has found any evidence that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are harmful, anti-GMO activists have  campaigned against ...
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Is ‘natural’ better than ‘artificial’? Skincare products underscore why that view is wrongheaded

Maria Semykoz | 
Synthetic and 'chemical-sounding' preservatives in cosmetics are safer than the alternatives that are marketed as 'natural' ...
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Many plants are naturally GMO, research finds

Joan Conrow | 
GMOs are less 'unnatural' than you might think ...

Dr. Harriet Hall: National Geographic natural foods book ‘unscientific, and even dangerous’

Harriet Hall | 
The National Geographic store proclaims, “This authoritative guide to the foods, herbs, spices, essential oils, and other natural substances that ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Natural’ is a feel-good label that can deceive us about the safety of medicine, beauty products and food

Amanda Dillard, Brian Meir, Courtney Lappas | 
People believe that a host of items including foods, medicines, beauty products, cigarettes, lighting, and even causes of injuries are ...
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Nutritionist: It will take decades to eliminate misleading non-GMO, natural, gluten-free food labels

Misleading food marketing is aimed at unsuspecting customers who simply want to purchase healthy foods for their family ...
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Roundworm pheromones could boost crop pest resistance, cut chemical use

Protecting crops from pests and pathogens without using toxic pesticides has been a longtime goal of farmers. Researchers at Boyce ...
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Vinegar, Epsom salts, Dawn weed killer mix superior ‘organic’ alternatives to synthetic herbicides? ‘Nonsense,’ gardening expert says

Steve Bender | 
You know, the most wonderful thing about social media and the internet is that everything you read there is true! ...
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Viewpoint: Lab-grown meat should replace farm animals as food

Matti Wilks | 
Why so many people resist cultured meat -- and why they shouldn't ...

Danish researchers take on flawed assumptions behind Europe’s strict GMO regulations

The EU's policy on GMO is extremely strict and prevents new GMO crops from being authorized. The policy is based ...
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Organic companies drop ‘anti-establishment tilt,’ partner with global corporations to meet surging ‘natural’ food demand

Kristen Painter | 
Big Food and the organics industry are gaining an appetite for each other. With sales of conventional packaged staples lagging, ...
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Viewpoint: Organic ingredients don’t make junk food less fattening or more nutritious

Katy Severson | 
Our increasingly health-conscious society has created more and more of a demand for organic versions of our favorite junk foods ...

Viewpoint: Like it or not, technology is what gives us the crops that we eat

Amanda Maxham | 
The “natural narrative” on food packaging is a complete fiction ...

What does ‘natural’ mean? New study probes consumers’ nuanced and inconsistent views on healthy food labels

Jayson Lusk | 
In mid-December 2018, a nationwide survey of over 1,200 U.S. food shoppers was conducted to determine beliefs and preferences related ...
Are more consumers willing to pay a premium for 'natural, ethical, enhanced' foods?

Are more consumers willing to pay a premium for ‘natural, ethical, enhanced’ foods?

Manny Picciola, Maria Steingoltz, Rob Wilson | 
People haven’t always thought very hard about their food. For most of human history, simply getting enough to eat was ...
Do GMOs 'contaminate' our food? Survey probes consumer views of biotech crops

Do GMOs ‘contaminate’ our food? Survey probes consumer views of biotech crops

Is a non-browning apple less “natural” than non-fat milk? In one case, people have injected something into apple DNA to ...

Viewpoint: By ‘shutting the door’ on crop gene editing, Europe shows its biotech regulations deeply flawed

Ottoline Leyser | 
The European Court of Justice has made an important ruling on genetically modified crops. Since 2003, new crop varieties produced by ...
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‘Natural’ label lawsuits: What you need to know

Drew Kershen | 
In the United States, when a food label uses the word “natural,” food companies are frequently the target in litigation ...

Banning glyphosate: France may replace well-tested herbicide with pelargonic and other more toxic ‘natural’ chemicals

Josh Bloom | 
Activists say glyphosate can be replaced with natural herbicides—but "natural" doesn't necessarily mean that they're safer or better for the ...
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Viewpoint: 12 ways organic activists mislead consumers

David Zaruk | 
Does the organic food industry use deceptive marketing practices to scare wealthy customers away from conventional agriculture and GMOs? The ...
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