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Podcast: Cancer-causing baby powder? USDA cuts GMO rules; plant-based meat less healthy than you think

In an effort to keep up with rapidly evolving technology, the USDA has revamped its biotech crop rules, sparking a ...
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Examining our history of advertising for OxyContin and other opioids: Have we learned enough about the dangers of addiction?

Recent advertising for opioid drugs has taken a strange turn ...

Can we find the keys to drug abuse, opioid addiction in our genes?

We still have much to learn about genetics, addiction, and even the brain itself ...
The Truith About Over Eating

Can we blame our genetics for overeating?

Are eating habits a matter of choice and discipline? What role do our genetics play in determining how much and ...

Why the CDC’s opioid guidelines may be hurting patients in pain

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published its guideline for prescribing opioids for chronic pain in March 2016, pain patients ...

Why marijuana might not be such a great weapon to fight opioid addiction

The opioid crisis is an ongoing national tragedy. One commonly suggested response is cannabis. But emerging state and national statistics ...

Opioid controversy: FDA approves powerful new drug despite addiction concerns

In a highly controversial move, the Food and Drug Administration approved an especially powerful opioid painkiller despite criticism that the ...

New opioid promises ‘gold standard’ pain relief without the addiction

Opioid drugs like morphine and Oxycontin are still held as the gold standard when it comes to relieving pain. But ...
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Brain addiction: Why stopping drug use is so difficult

Drug addiction is a commonly misunderstood disease. Once addicted, it’s not only about pleasure seeking or choice, but chemical reactions ...
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