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Self-limiting ‘Friendly’ technology offers hope for controlling fall armyworm without pesticides

Oxitec, the Oxford University spinoff company that produces environmentally-friendly insect control solutions, [September 24] announced a collaboration with the life ...
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Florida green lights release of malaria- and Zika-fighting GMO mosquitoes

Florida Keys officials have voted to allow the experimental release of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes into a yet-to-be-decided area ...
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Pandemic postpones Florida Keys’ decision on releasing GMO mosquitoes until August

The five-member commission of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District voted unanimously to postpone a decision on the experiment for ...
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GMO mosquitoes set for Florida release during first Dengue fever outbreak in 10 years

The Florida Keys is experiencing its first outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease Dengue fever in 10 years.The Florida Department of ...
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Disease-fighting GMO mosquitoes are coming. Was EPA too quick to approve them?

[In May], the US Environmental Protection Agency approved the release of genetically modified mosquitoes. Under a 2-year Experimental Use Permit, ...
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Oxitec wins approval to release GMO mosquitoes in US

Oxitec has received state and federal approval to release genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes in a pilot project planned for the ...
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GMO diamondback moth shows promise as sustainable pest control tool in first ever open-field release

A newly published study reports a successful, first-ever open-field release of a self-limiting, genetically engineered diamondback moth, stating that it ...
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Here’s what you should know about disease-fighting GMO mosquitoes

Media references to Jurassic Park and 'mutant hybrid insects' are based on a thorough misunderstanding of this effective technology ...
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6 co-authors of controversial study that raised alarms about Oxitec’s GMO mosquito release in Brazil call for paper’s retraction

[The public] was alarmed in mid-September when an article published in the Scientific Reports pointed to the presence in Bahia ...
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Podcast: GMO insects loose in the wild? Inside scoop on controversial Oxitec mosquito in Brazil

The tiny mosquito is a nuisance in the industrialized world, yet in developing countries it is a ruthless killer, spreading ...
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GMO mosquitoes produced hybrid offspring in the wild? New study says yes—but under fire from critics

A field experiment in Brazil that deployed genetically modified mosquitoes to control wild populations of the pest may be having ...
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Engineered ‘self-limiting’ insect could suppress soybean looper, ‘exponential’ threat to US crops

Oxitec Ltd., a UK-based biotechnology company that pioneered the use of biologically-engineered insects to control disease-spreading mosquitoes and crop-destroying agricultural ...

Oxitec, Gates Foundation aim to curb pesticide-resistant insects, malaria with new ‘self-limiting mosquito’

Oxitec [a] UK-based biotechnology company ..... [October 18] announced that it is expanding its collaboration with the Bill & Melinda ...
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Viewpoint: How politics pollutes the FDA’s genetically modified animal regulations and stifles innovation

AquaBounty's fast-growing salmon and Oxitec's disease-fighting mosquitos are two examples of why genetically modified animals should be regulated by the ...
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Talking Biotech: Can Oxitec’s genetically engineered insects combat fall armyworm crop damage and famine in Africa?

Oxitec's Simon Warner: Engineered male fall armyworms contain a gene that prevents female offspring from reaching adulthood, reducing wild pest ...
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