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It started with rocks: How we developed belief, our ‘most creative and destructive’ ability

About 20 years ago, the residents of Padangtegal village in Bali, Indonesia, had a problem. The famous, monkey-filled forest surrounding ...

Mennonite family shuns gadgets but grows GMO corn

How many days could you live without your cell phone, laptop or favorite communications tool? Modern technology has become such ...
evolution on a wall

Can we teach evolutionary biology without making students ‘choose between their faith and evolution’?

Michael Reiss, a professor of science education at University College London and an Anglican Priest, suggests that “we need to ...
gods sovereignty

Viewpoint: God, by definition, cannot be ‘all powerful’

The traditional definition of God credits him with three attributes: moral perfection, omniscience, and omnipotence. … But is that right? ...
2-13-2019 evolution

Pew survey exposes Americans’ complicated views on evolution and religion

Most biologists and other scientists contend that evolutionary theory convincingly explains the origins and development of life on Earth. So ...
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Science and religion: Why ‘needless hostility’ could be hampering scientific discovery

I am no apologist for religion. As a psychologist, I believe that the scientific method provides the best tools with ...

Are science and religion destined to be at ‘war’?

Religion and science are incorrectly pictured as warring belief systems ...
sacto cant outsmart nature

Are we ‘meddling with creation’ by growing GMO crops?

[F]or some, it’s a stretch to reconcile faith with new developments in agriculture, especially when it involves (perceived) meddling with ...

Viewpoint: What ‘New Atheists’ get wrong about science and religion

New Atheism is a literary movement that sprung up in 2004, led by prominent authors like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, ...
dna bible

Are our views on religion, astrology and new-age beliefs hardwired?

Our beliefs, including irrational ones such as an embrace of pseudoscience and 'fake news', have been shown to be somewhat ...
star trek transporter

Star Trek-like transporter might solve brain disease mysteries, understand religious belief

Scientists have modeled a Star Trek-like transporter illusion to learn about how the human brain shapes our sense of spatial ...

Garden of Eden dilemma

amd madonna ritchie jpg

Madonna may suffer from ‘DNA paranoia’

Madonna is famous for her work on stage particularly her singing and performing, but behind the scenes, she's famous for ...
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