Kremlin-backed Russian hacker spies tried to steal vaccine research

Kremlin-backed Russian hacker spies tried to steal vaccine research

Chris Fox, Leo Kelion | 
The UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said [hackers targeting coronavirus vaccine information] "almost certainly" operated as "part of Russian ...

Russia relaxes ‘almost impassable’ restrictions on GMO soy imports, sparking backlash from regional governors

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has exempted GM soybeans and soybean meal from compulsory government registration in a decree released ...
Putin bans GMO foods Russia Illegal x

Russia strikes deal to accelerate development of 30 gene-edited crops, animals by 2027

Russia’s oil giant Rosneft and the Russian government will join forces to develop gene-editing technology, according to a government decree ...
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‘Expanding the capabilities of the human body’: Russian biohackers turn to implants, supplements and extreme exercise

Anna Malpas, Nikolay Korzhov | 
Gripping a scalpel, Vladislav Zaitsev makes an incision in the fold of skin between his client's thumb and index finger ...
Putin bans GMO foods Russia Illegal x

GMO crop, animal production ban necessary to safeguard Russia’s food security, says President Vladimir Putin

On January 21, 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new Food Security Doctrine for Russia to replace the Doctrine ...
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‘Temporary hurdle’: Russia halts scientist’s effort to create more CRISPR babies

Olga Dobrovidova | 
Russian health officials are playing down international concerns that a Moscow researcher plans to create gene-edited babies any time soon, ...

Russia birthplace of 500-year Black Death plague, genetic analysis suggests

Peter Dockrill | 
The Black Death was only the beginning. Countless millions perished in this terrible early wave – an estimated 60 percent of Europe ...

Will the future of CRISPR babies be decided by Russian president Vladimir Putin?

Antonio Regalado | 
The future of genetically modified babies may lie in the hands of Russian president Vladimir Putin, Bloomberg reported over the weekend ...

The rise, fall and resurrection of Russian seed bank pioneer Nikolai Vavilov

Joel Cohen | 
Would all this be cast aside, he wondered, his reputation disgraced?  Or would the good work be rediscovered, like the ...
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Anti-GMO Russia joins global CRISPR ‘bonanza,’ investing $1.7 billion in gene-edited crop research

Olga Dobrovidova | 
Russia is embracing gene-editing. A 111-billion-rouble (US$1.7-billion) federal programme aims to create 10 new varieties of gene-edited crops and animals ...
Viewpoint: Anti-GMO Organic Consumers Association helps Russia spread dangerous myths raising fake concerns about vaccines and biotechnology

Viewpoint: Anti-GMO Organic Consumers Association helps Russia spread dangerous myths raising fake concerns about vaccines and biotechnology

Alex Berezow | 
Russian trolls are meddling wherever and whenever they can to cause societal strife. Radio Free Europe reports that Russian trolls may have ...
Russia threatens to restrict soy imports from Brazil over use of controversial weed killer glyphosate

Russia threatens to restrict soy imports from Brazil over use of controversial weed killer glyphosate

Lisandra Paraguassu | 
The Russian government has informed Brazil that it may adopt temporary import restrictions on soybeans if Brazilian producers do not ...
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Americans and Russians share strikingly similar views on GMOs

Fred Weir | 
When faced with something new, Russian lawmakers have generally found it easier to ban it than to debate it....A case ...
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Fears of gene editing in the US could be stoked by Russian disinformation attacks

Jesse Kirkpatrick, Michael FLynn | 
[There’s a] risk to gene drive research that has flown under the radar. This threat combines legitimate concerns about the ...

How Russian ‘disinformation’ could threaten our biosecurity

Filippa Lentzos | 
In a series of increasingly confrontational statements, Russia has suggested that the Pentagon is establishing a chain of bio-weapons labs ...
Putin bans GMO foods Russia Illegal x

How anti-GMO groups and ‘Russian trolls’ influence public perceptions of science

Mark Lynas | 
A new opinion poll suggests that Russian trolls, aided by anti-GMO groups such as the Center for Food Safety and ...
No GMO Flag Russia

Russian social media ‘bots’ push GMO-autism link, new report shows

Rhys Blakely | 
Social media accounts sponsored by the Kremlin have whipped up fears about western food and water supplies, analysis shows. Scores of ...
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Anti-GMO ‘Russian trolls’ also spread vaccine myths on social media, study finds

Mark Lynas | 
A new study showing that Russian-linked trolls and social media bots have been heavily promoting misinformation on vaccines shows just how far ...

Ancient worms resurrected after spending more than 32,000 years on ice

Ed Cara | 
A team of Russian scientists is lining themselves up to be the opening cast of a John Carpenter film. Earlier ...
Putin bans GMO foods Russia Illegal x

Prominent anti-GMO NGOs and organic businesses partnered with Russia to ‘smear’ American agriculture

Henry Miller | 
It's no secret that although the Internet has vastly improved our lives in many respects, it has downsides — less ...
PutinWheatNEW Cropped

Was there Russian collusion? When it comes to prominent anti-GMO groups, the disturbing answer is ‘yes’

Henry Miller, Jon Entine | 
Modern genetic engineering techniques applied to agriculture are making stunning advances. This year, after decades in (gratuitous) regulatory limbo, the ...

Talking Biotech: Disturbing new details on Putin’s anti-GMO propaganda campaign designed to sow political discord in the U.S.

Paul Vincelli, Shawn Dorious | 
An examination by social scientists revealed "surprising evidence" of a Russian campaign aimed at discrediting GMOs and influencing public opinion ...

How Russia tried to turn America against GMOs and agricultural biotechnology and sow ideological discord

Andrew Porterfield | 
How serious was secret Russian interventionism when it comes to creating public discord over US farming and agricultural trade policy? ...
Murray gene doping olympics tease now q

Olympic gene doping: How WADA is managing new performance-enhancing technologies

Sean Hall | 
The start of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang has once again brought questions of unethical athletic performance-enhancement, or doping, to ...
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Opinion | Putin’s ‘sock puppets’: How Russia ‘uses’ anti-GMO activists to undermine crop biotech and science

Henry Miller | 
In its promotion of 'fake news,' Russia is committed to undermining US technological advantages by using anti-GMO activists to spread ...

Risky move? Inside look at why Russia has turned against GMOs

Andrew Porterfield | 
Russia's decision to ban importation and cultivation of GMOs made sense from a political perspective. But it's a decision the ...
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