Viewpoint: Consumer-focused GM and gene-edited products throw anti-GMO movement's future into doubt

Viewpoint: Consumer-focused GM and gene-edited products throw anti-GMO movement’s future into doubt

The bizarre QAnon conspiracy theory that has swept the nation and embedded itself in our political discourse is a prime ...
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Viewpoint: AquaBounty’s GM salmon slated for 2021 debut, but animal biotech still stymied by byzantine regulation

After 30 years, AquaBounty's genetically engineered (GE) AquAdvantage salmon may be just months away from hitting US grocery stores, making ...

Anti-GMO movement merging with anti-vaccine groups, escalating threat to global coronavirus response

As scientists around the world work at an unprecedented pace to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, anti-vaccine proponents are planting ...
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Genetic engineering, CRISPR and food: What the ‘revolution’ will bring in the near future

Genetic engineering and gene editing have the potential to radically transform our lives if they can overcome the objections of ...
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Viewpoint: Why we can’t seem to bridge the gulf that divides pro- and anti-GMO forces

The opposition to GMOs is based not on scientific evidence, but on personal values and ideology. In effect, the two ...

Argentina and GMOs: Exploring the nation’s long relationship with biotech crops

In 2019, Argentina will begin the commercialization of the first genetically modified drought-and salt-tolerant soybean. This will be a particularly ...
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Synthetic biology’s ‘promise and potential’ capture investor attention

Synthetic biology has become the new frontier of genetic engineering, promising to radically change the way we make clothes, fragrances, ...

Frankenfoods? A ‘terrible word’ that could describe more foods than you might realize

What's a Frankenfood? If science matters, it's not food with ingredients whose genes have been precision modified ...
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With GMO insect-resistant sugarcane approval, Brazilian farmers poised to reap benefits of biotech pipeline

With the approval of Brazil's fourth genetically-engineered crop--insect-resistant sugarcane--Brazil is emerging as the most genetically innovative developing country ...
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Bangladesh’s embrace of GMO technology may embolden innovation in developing countries  

Bangladesh's successful application of biotechnology and development of its own GM crops could serve as a model for other developing ...
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