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Viewpoint: Plant biodiversity cuts pesticide use, but may slash crop yields needed to feed more people

Everyone recognizes that less less food means fewer pests but when you have to grow food to keep billions from ...

Rewilding farmland can protect biodiversity and sequester carbon, new study finds

Mark Lynas | 
Restoring ecosystems on just 15 percent of the world’s current farmland could spare 60 percent of the species expected to ...
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Viewpoint: We have a food-waste problem, but cutting meat consumption won’t solve it

Hank Campbell | 
Most commercial produce is bought and discarded within two days. It can't even be given to food shelters or homeless ...
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Goodbye gin and tonics? Invasive plant disease threatens juniper berries used to make gin

Ken Fletcher | 
The gin industry, which is worth £3.2bn to the UK economy, has the potential to be devastated by an invasive ...

‘Regenerative’ agriculture: Organic farming buzz word, or the path to sustainable food production?

Andrew Porterfield, Jon Entine | 
The goal should be sustainability, not trying to advance an ideology ...
Viewpoint: There's nothing wrong with organic farming, but it's not the 'pinnacle of sustainability'

Viewpoint: There’s nothing wrong with organic farming, but it’s not the ‘pinnacle of sustainability’

Steve Groff | 
Organic food sales in the United States reached $50.1 billion in 2019, up 4.6% from the previous year, according to ...
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‘Air-derived protein’? Biotech startups aim to challenge traditional farming with precision fermentation

Alex Scott | 
Feeding the world with protein made from air or industrial exhaust with minimal use of water and land, and without ...
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Viewpoint: American agriculture could ‘unravel’ without major sustainability changes

Tom Philpott | 
Picture an ideal dinner plate. If you’re like most Americans, it features a hearty portion of meat, from animals fattened ...
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Gene-edited crops that ‘communicate with environment’ could launch next green revolution

Sara Reardon | 
Researchers at the Institute of Network Biology in Germany and their colleagues .... published a study in Nature showing that ...
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‘Greenwashing’: Does plant-based marketing mislead consumers about sustainability?

Joe Schwarcz | 
"Greenwashing” is the term used to describe the promotion of a product based on misleading claims of superiority to other ...
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Gene editing could help safeguard $400 million worth of wheat during coldest winter months

Lucinda Jose | 
Up to $400 million worth of grain is lost during winter in Western Australia each year when cold conditions freeze ...
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Viewpoint: At $17/pound, vertically farmed vegetables are nowhere near sustainable

Christian Britschgi | 
On [June 10] the city council of Jersey City, New Jersey [voted] on awarding a three-year, $1 million contract to ...
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Lab-grown crustaceans modeled after cell-based meats could be first alternative seafood to enter the market

Christine Ro | 
In general, alternative seafood poses an enormous opportunity for investors. There’s huge potential for replicating the many types of seafood ...

Regenerative agriculture boosts soil health but unlikely to slow climate change, report shows

Janet Ranganathan | 
Agriculture needs to close an 11-gigaton greenhouse gas (GHG) gap between expected emissions in 2050 and those needed to hold ...

CRISPR could speed growth and increase disease resistance in farmed fish, boosting aquaculture sustainability

The potential of fish and shellfish production to feed a growing global population could be significantly enhanced through advances in ...
alopecurus myosuroides in barley

Viruses that ‘turn off’ plant genes could help farmers battle herbicide-resistant weeds

A team of scientists from Rothamsted Research have successfully adapted genetic techniques developed for crop improvement to be used in ...
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Global GMO crop market worth more than $18 billion—expected to hit $37.4 billion by 2027

The global biotech crops market was valued at US$18.15 billion in 2018, according to Coherent Market Insights in their report released ...
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El Pollo Loco launches plant-based menu made from in-house, ‘non-GMO’ vegan chicken

Lauren Stine | 
El Pollo Loco is now offering plant-based chicken systemwide through its new Chickenless Pollo Taco and Burrito menu items, according ...
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Fungi-based ‘faux bacon’ sold out on Valentine’s Day—now it’s headed for a San Francisco butcher shop

Jeff Kart | 
This bacon is elusive. It doesn’t come from a pig. You can’t even buy it anymore. Maybe that’s because people ...

USDA unveils initiative to halve US farming environmental footprint, boost production 40% by 2050

Sonny Perdue | 
The world’s population is likely to grow to 9.7 billion by 2050. The global agriculture sector will not only need ...
usda question

Does organic mean ‘pesticide free’? 5 things to know about the USDA organic label

Hillary Kaufman | 
Here's what you're actually getting for that 'organic' premium price ...
no gmo

Afraid of GMOs? Thousands of studies, strict regulations show there’s nothing to fear, farmer says

Deb Gangwish | 
GMOs have been widely misunderstood. People are concerned about their health and the environment (and they should be worried about ...
Spotlight sustainable Agriculture

CRISPR, lab-grown meat boost sustainable farming amid fears of biodiversity loss

Shenggen Fan | 
A global panel of scientists representing more than 130 nations [recently] released the summary of their Global Assessment Report on ...
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Viewpoint: Lab-grown meat may hinder effort to develop a ‘just food future’

Christy Spackman | 
At the 2019 Milken Global Conference, which brings together business and public policy leaders to explore how market-based solutions could ...
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Higher CO2 emissions, pesticide use raise doubts about sustainability of organic wine

James Lawrence | 
The popularity of organic food and wine is not going away anytime soon. Yet as the European viticultural debate increasingly ...

Microbial biofertilizer could boost sustainable farming as food demand booms

Jonathan Smith | 
Agriculture is facing tough challenges in the years ahead, including a rising world population and arable land and water becoming ...
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‘Edible insects’ boost food sustainability, but will consumers eat BBQ-flavored bugs?

Oliver Morrison | 
There is an increasing range of insect-based products, such as whole/flour, snacks, health bars, pasta, pasta sauce and burgers. Edible ...
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