Food Evolution interview: Could ‘pro science’ documentary inspire a pro-GMO food movement?

Food Evolution director Scott Hamilton Kennedy talks with the Genetic Literacy Project about the film's funding, and challenges the "ruthless ...
food evolution

Food Evolution director Scott Hamilton Kennedy: ‘I wanted to reset the debate’ over food and farming

Oscar-nominated director talks with the Genetic Literacy Project about the reaction his documentary has received, both from GMO critics and ...

Are we ready, without professional help, to decide what to do when our genes tell us we have a potential disorder?

The FDA's decision to allow 23andMe to offer consumers disease screening has triggered a debate over whether the public is ...

Was the EPA right not to ban the crop pesticide chlorpyrifos?

The EPA decision allowing farmers to continue using the popular pesticide chlorpyrifos has drawn both praise and scorn, each side ...

Glyphosate: Dangerous chemical or anti-GMO bogeyman?

Glyphosate has drawn scrutiny and criticism like no other chemical in agriculture since the controversy over DDT. But years of ...
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