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Cut carbs? Eat less, move more? Why the spat between low carbers and calorie counters is pointless

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Part of my introduction to nutrition was reading books my mom picked up second-hand at rummage sales back in England ...
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Viewpoint: How body building culture and fad diets mislead consumers about protein

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In most supermarket aisles you’re likely to come across at least one product that features ‘protein’ somewhere in the title ...

Viewpoint: Busting nutrition myths—Why you don’t have to cut potatoes out of your diet

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“Stop cutting out white potatoes – they're as healthy as sweet ones, dietitians say,” a recent headline in Insider urges us ...
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Viewpoint: Taking vitamin D is the ‘least crackpot’ of the coronavirus nutrition ideas

For the most part, supplements are a waste of money at best and harmful at worst. But could vitamin D ...

Eat a big breakfast to lose weight? This old nutritional adage isn’t backed up by science

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper is an old nutritional adage that at ...
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Mandatory calorie counts on fast-food menus have little impact on customer purchases, latest study finds

As of May last year, all American restaurant chains with 20 or more outlets have been legally obliged to provide calorie ...

Diet and dementia: Is fast food really ‘eating away your brain’?

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Nutrition studies on Alzheimer's conclude that diet might affect brain health. Beware of media spins that claim more ...