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f He Jiankui

Stanford investigation clears faculty members that knew about CRISPR baby scandal

Gizmodo | 
A Stanford investigation has cleared three prominent faculty members of helping with a controversial gene-editing experiment led by disgraced Chinese ...

Genetic tests by Inova draw warning letter from FDA, citing potential for ‘serious health consequences’

Gizmodo | 
A suite of genetic tests used to predict a person’s response to specific medications is being marketed illegally by its ...

Maybe cats do recognize their own names

Gizmodo | 
Dogs are amazing at recognizing their own names, but scientists are less certain about whether cats have this ability. New ...
3-20-2019 agneau merinos sperme congele

Birth of lambs from 50-year-old frozen sperm ‘bodes well’ for human fertility

Gizmodo | 
Semen frozen back in 1968 has been used to impregnate dozens of Merino ewes, resulting in healthy lambs. The Australian ...
3-3-2019 lead

Infrared vision? We’ve now given it to mice and humans could be next

Gizmodo | 
[Researchers Tian Xue and Gang Han] modified the vision of mice such that they were able to see near-infrared light ...
1-31-2019 a

Viewpoint: Biologist Craig Mello knew about the CRISPR babies. Why his silence was ‘not acceptable’

Gizmodo | 
The Associated Press reports that Nobel laureate and biologist Craig Mello was aware of a pregnancy in China involving gene-edited ...
he jiankui x

Chinese scientist behind CRISPR babies committed crimes, will be punished, China says

Gizmodo | 
The scientist responsible for creating the world’s first genetically modified babies violated government bans and committed fraud, according to Chinese ...
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10,000-year-old remains suggest dogs reached North America earlier than previously thought

Gizmodo | 
The skeletal remains of three ancient dogs found buried in Illinois now represent the earliest evidence for the presence of ...
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Chinese scientists aren’t keeping tabs on experimental gene therapy patients, report says

Gizmodo | 
Gene therapies are very much at their preliminary stages of development, so it would make sense to keep tabs on ...

Controversial Chinese scientist behind CRISPR babies is missing

Gizmodo | 
The current whereabouts of He Jiankui—the scientist who claims to have engineered the world’s first genetically modified human babies—is unknown ...
tree life evolution hemimastigotes

This tiny creature gives us a ‘completely new branch on the tree of life’

Gizmodo | 
Canadian scientists have identified microscopic creatures that are so unlike anything seen before, they had to create an entirely new ...
Poto mystery Jamaican mammal possibly Xenothrix

How DNA tests solved the mystery of this strange, now-extinct monkey

Gizmodo | 
For nearly 100 years, scientists haven’t been able to agree on the evolutionary origins of a strange, now-extinct monkey that ...

Why we should search for alien life within our own Solar System

Gizmodo | 
By examining interstellar asteroids and comets up close, argues Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb, we might be able to tell whether ...
chocolate lab

Chocolate labs plagued by consumer-driven ‘genetic bottleneck’

Gizmodo | 
New research shows that chocolate Labrador retrievers are more likely to experience health problems and die younger compared to their ...

We started eating chocolate 1,500 years earlier than previously thought, paper says

Gizmodo | 
New archaeological evidence suggests humans were cultivating and consuming cacao—the crop from which chocolate is produced—as long as 5,300 years ...
sheep dog

Where did Europe’s original dogs go?

Gizmodo | 
The first farmers to arrive in Europe from the Middle East brought their dogs along with them, effectively wiping out ...
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Challenging earth’s oldest fossils: Critics say ‘there’s absolutely nothing biological about them’

Gizmodo | 
Two years ago, researchers from the University of Wollongong in Australia shook the science world by claiming to have discovered ...
neanderthals effective healthcare compassion x

Neanderthals’ healthcare skills helped them survive through Ice Age

Gizmodo | 
Neanderthals cared for their sick and wounded, and new research suggests this well-documented behavior was more than just a cultural ...

Remembering last year like last week: Is a perfect memory a blessing or a curse?

Gizmodo | 
The ability to remember every moment of your life sounds like an amazing proposition, but for the very few people ...
million year old fat molecule reveals worlds earliest animal

Mysterious fossil could be oldest known animal—if scientists can agree it is one

Gizmodo | 
An international team of researchers is claiming to have discovered traces of cholesterol on a fossil of Dickinsonia—a mysterious creature that ...
gal Noahs Ark

Genetic Noah’s Ark intends to sequence DNA of 66,000 species

Gizmodo | 
An international consortium involving over 50 institutions has announced an ambitious project to assemble high-quality genome sequences of all 66,000 ...
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What do toddlers and chimpanzees have in common? They use the same unspoken language

Gizmodo | 
Prior to developing the capacity for speech, toddlers communicate their desires, demands, and discontent using a diverse repertoire of physical ...
strange planet

Search for alien life gets boost from new NASA project

Gizmodo | 
The ability to detect life on distant worlds still eludes us, but a new project coordinated by NASA now takes ...

Synthetic ‘skin’ could return pain sensations to users of prosthetic limbs

Gizmodo | 
Current prosthetic limbs aren’t yet capable of transmitting complex sensations like texture or pain to the user, but a recent ...
space junk

Rethinking the search for alien life: Let’s look for their space junk

Gizmodo | 
SETI enthusiasts have devised all sorts of complicated ways for us to find signs of alien life, but a new ...
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17,000-year-old route to North America could redefine human migration history

Gizmodo | 
The first people to cross into North America from Eurasia did so by traveling through the Bering Strait, or so ...

Neanderthals’ brains may have doomed them to extinction

Gizmodo | 
Using computers and MRI scans, researchers have created the most detailed reconstruction of a Neanderthal brain to date, offering new ...
robot laws

AI personhood? European Parliament under fire for proposing recognizing legal status of robots

Gizmodo | 
Over 150 experts in AI, robotics, commerce, law, and ethics from 14 countries have signed an open letter denouncing the ...
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