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GMO supporters and critics weigh in on FDA’s biotech education initiative

Biology Fortified | 
[Editor's note: Karl Haro von Mogel is a geneticist with a PhD in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics from UW-Madison with ...
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Scientist who found no glyphosate in breast milk faced anti-pesticide activist attacks

Biology Fortified | 
[Editor's note: Karl Haro von Mogel has a Ph.D. in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.] ...
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Infographic: How crops are genetically modified to resist plant viruses

Biology Fortified | 
Plant viruses can be serious pathogens in crops as they can cause anywhere from minor losses to total crop failure ...

Infographic: How GMO insect-resistant Bt crops work

Biology Fortified | 
[Editor's note: Karl Haro von Mogel earned his Ph.D. in plant breeding and plant genetics at UW-Madison, with a minor ...
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Demand for mandatory GMO labeling could boomerang on critics, increasing safety perceptions

Biology Fortified | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. While proponents of mandatory ...
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Probe of Italian GMO researcher who may have manipulated data extends to colleagues

Biology Fortified | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. A scandal is erupting ...

Everyone can participate in Biology Fortified’s GMO Corn Experiment

Biology Fortified | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  Do squirrels and other ...
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Call for action: It’s time to March Against the March Against Monsanto

Genetic Literacy Project | 
March Against Monsanto has evolved into a cultural event symbolizing the most strident and scientifically questionable side of the anti-technology ...

Simplot’s Generation 2 Innate adds late blight resistance

Biology Fortified | 
Back in December, the USDA public comment period opened up for a next-generation transgenic potato variety developed by Simplot. The ...
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Regulatory hurdles may blunt future of open source GMO crops as patent expires for GMO soybeans

Biology Fortified | 
The development, testing, and regulation of genetically engineered crops usually takes a significant investment of time and resources, so these ...

Marvel’s X-Men fan? Then you should appreciate ‘special powers’ of ‘mutant’ GM crops

Biology Fortified | 
From the origins of their 'special powers' to GMO labeling and mutant registration, the parallels between the debate over GMOs ...

The people behind GMO papayas

Biology Fortified | 
Last August, I was invited to speak about genetically engineered crops at a GMO Summit organized by the Hawai’i Crop ...
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Plant scientist analyzes Hawaii County’s anti-GMO Bill 113

Biology Fortified | 
If passed, Hawaii County's Bill 113 would ban all new open-field cultivation of GM crops and may cause problems for ...

Analysis of Kaua’i County bill 2491

Biology Fortified | 
Biofortified's Karl Haro von Mogel breaks down Kauai's bill 2491, which passed in the Kauai City Council 6-1. He notes ...

GMO safety study consensus war; GENERA to the rescue

Biology Fortified | 
The global discussion of genetically engineered crops has been heating up. Are they safe to eat? Do they harm the ...

Using biotechnology to restore the American Chestnut

Biology Fortified | 
"Earlier this year during my presentation at the GMO Forum in Washington D.C., I mentioned a project that raised some eyebrows," ...

Golden Rice trial vandalized

Biology Fortified | 
According to the Business Mirror, a farmer group called Kilusang Magbubukid ng Bikol (Peasant Movement of Bicol, or KMB) and ...

Roseanne’s nuts about GMOs

Biology Fortified | 
Lately, a lot has been going on in the crop biotechnology arena in Hawai’i. There’s Hawai’i Bill 79, and Kaua’i ...
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Analysis of Kaua’i County Anti-GMO Bill

Biology Fortified | 
Biofortified analyzes the bill proposed by anti-biotech groups in Kauai to curtail planting of genetically modified crops ...
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Oregon: Genetically modified crops vandalized

Biology Fortified | 
Some 6,500 GM plants have been destroyed by "eco-activists" in Oregon since the beginning of the month ...

UK environmental secretary: We must lead the world in GE crops

Biology Fortified | 
The following is an edited excerpt. UK Environmental Secretary, Owen Paterson, delivered a speech about genetically engineered crops at the ...

Breakthrough GE potato doesn’t brown or produce potentially carcinogenic compound

Biology Fortified | 
Biofortified interviews the man behind a new genetically engineered potato that doesn’t brown when cut or fried nor make acrylamide, ...

Video: Interview with CEO of AquaBounty

Biology Fortified | 
The following is an excerpt. Karl Haro von Mogel from Biology Fortified interviewed Ron Stonish, President and CEO of AquaBounty at the 2013 ...

Biology Fortified proposes a wiki for GMOs

Biology Fortified | 
The following is an excerpt. Today there may be the kind of critical mass necessary to move [a GMO wiki ...
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Misrepresentations dogged both sides of Prop 37 campaign

Food Safety News | 
The Yes on 37 campaign argued that it lost due to “lies, dirty tricks, and $45 million” spent by the ...

Why did Prop 37 fail? It wasn’t just the money

Food Safety News | 
Michele R. Simon, a lawyer and paid writer and spokesperson for the Yes on 37 campaign argued that it lost ...

Both sides of Prop. 37 debate guilty of misleading voters

Biology Fortified | 
The No on 37 campaign used misused the FDA seal to make them seem in favor of their cause; the ...
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