Evidence to support Don Huber’s claim of hidden glyphosate-GMO dangers still missing

It’s been almost three years since retired Purdue University Professor Don Huber sent an alarming letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack warning about the possible dangers of genetically modified crops. But scientists and people in the agricultural community are questioning why he still hasn’t released evidence to support the claim so that it can be peer-reviewed.

Paul Vincelli, a plant pathologist at the University of Kentucky, says it’s unusual for a scientist to go that long without releasing evidence to support such extraordinary claims.

Huber, a plant pathologist, claims a previously unknown organism linked to glyphosate, a broad spectrum weed killer that is the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup, is causing an increase in plant diseases and spontaneous abortions and infertility in livestock.

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Huber has declined to name the scientists working on the research project with him because he fears they will face political pressure, harassment and possible loss of funding.

“I’ve stopped listening (to his claims),” Vincelli says. “I’m waiting for the paper.”

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