Anti-GM mosquito efforts may expose more people to Zika

zika virus aedes mosquito
[R]esidents in South Florida are in a unique position to become the testing ground for a promising new experiment that could dramatically reduce the number of Zika-infected mosquitoes.

But due to concerns that the proposal to release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes into the environment could permanently alter the Earth’s ecosystem, a “vocal minority” is doing everything in its power to stop it.

[Spokeswoman] Beth Ranson [stated]…that it’s because of this “vocal minority” that the Mosquito Control District decided it would hold a nonbinding referendum on Nov. 8 to see where residents stand.

What concerns [Dr. Mark Whiteside]…is [not the activists but] how the Key Haven community is “in an obsession” over the Oxitec trial.

“This isn’t going to help you now,” Whiteside warned. “If you think [protecting yourself] is someone else’s job, that’s not a good thing.”

“If the anti-GMO groups continue to fight against the Oxitec plan and others like it, they’re going to expose more people to Zika virus,” [Joe Conlon of the Mosquito Control Association] said…

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