WHO IARC reviewer reiterates no health concerns for glyphosate safe ‘if used as directed’

glyphosate by the numbers

A leading Canadian public health official has commended New Brunswick’s review of a controversial herbicide . . .

Dr. John McLaughlin, the chief science officer . . . with Public Health Ontario, reviewed the report . . . examining the use of glyphosate in the province.

That report concluded there is “no increased health risk to New Brunswickers exposed to glyphosate.”

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Glyphosate is used in aerial spraying by the forestry industry to control undergrowth. NB Power sprays it along power lines for the same purpose. . . .

But anti-spray activists have . . . are calling for an end to its industrial use in New Brunswick.

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[T]he herbicide has been found by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). . . to be “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

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McLaughlin is a member of the IARC and was involved in that review.

“The only place where the [IARC] detected . . . any concern, was related to workplace . . . exposures . . .

“. . .[T]hese are relatively high exposures that most people would not be receiving,” he added. “. . . glyphosate is generally very safe, if used as directed.”

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