Sequencing pioneer sets sights on $100 genome


Next-gen sequencing pioneer Illumina says it may soon usher in the era of the $100 genome — which could, in theory, make consumer genomics orders of magnitude more accessible.

CEO Francis deSouza…unveiled a new machine, called the NovaSeq, at…[the] J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. He said the machine’s scanning speed has increased to a pace that could unravel the DNA of an entire human genome in an hour.

Some caveats right off the bat: Even if it is that fast, it’ll still take much longer to actually interpret the data. And while deSouza promised the new machine is “expected one day” to allow for a genome to be sequenced for $100, the company isn’t quite there yet.

Nonetheless, the goal of $100 genome is tantalizing: Less than a decade ago, the cost of sequencing a full genome was several million dollars.


“Faster, inexpensive and innovative sequencing technology is a key component to driving breakthroughs in precision medicine,” Human Longevity founder J. Craig Venter said in a statement.

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