Science moms: Girl Scouts ‘cave’ to anti-science protests by introducing non-GMO cookie


The campaign to pressure the GSUSA into dropping ingredients sourced from plants engineered with modern molecular techniques, better known by the nebulous term “GMO,” ignited controversy in 2013 when a California mom launched the Facebook page advising scout parents to boycott the annual sales drive. Her goal? Persuading the organization to go GMO-free.

All of the organization’s cookies contained one or more ingredients derived from GMO crops … But that has changed with the 2017 Girl Scout cookie season … The Girl Scouts caved to demands and released the first “non-GMO” Girl Scout treat: the new S’mores sandwich cookie, from Little Brownie Bakers is “made with ingredients that are verified as not containing genetically modified organisms” according to the GSUSA site.

A group of moms who started a grassroots pro-GMO parenting movement, known by hashtag #Moms4GMOs (and #Dads4GMOs), and who feature prominently in the upcoming Science Moms short documentary … is calling foul. “Non-GMO labels encourage and perpetuate fears about biotechnology,” explains plant geneticist Dr. Anastasia Bodnar. “I would hope that Girl Scouts are learning about science and technology, not learning to fear it.”

Anti-GMO sentiment contributes to consumer fear and rejection, which influences policy makers and leads to the overly stringent regulations keeping real solutions from farmers’ fields.

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  • agscienceliterate

    Well, unfortunately, that’s it for the Girl Scouts. I had written them congratulating them for supporting science. Now I will write them to tell them they are a disappointment in their message to girls who might be interested in science, and that they have lost me as a supporter and customer.

    • DinosaurGenetics

      At least they haven’t entirely caved to the anti-science crowd.

      • agscienceliterate

        True. But enough that I’m done with them.

    • Realist

      I agree. I am sorry to see their anti-science stand.

  • G M

    Yey!! Great news, I will become a Girl Scouts customer now along with so many of my family and friends. :))

  • Eric Bjerregaard

    No more overpriced calories for me. I am completely out of patience with this nonsense. You don’t compromise with or appease bullies. Especially when they are wrong. You stand up and fight back. When I see a stand. I will explain to the mothers. I will do so in front of the kids deliberately. They need to hear.