LSD to lift your mood or performance? Microdosing could become commonplace

| | June 16, 2017

Janet Lai Chang is one of many who have added a pinch of psychedelic drugs to their daily routine in recent years. Followers say this “microdosing” regime doesn’t send them tripping, but merely gives them a boost to improve their mood or performance.


You would be forgiven for thinking your work performance might suffer under the influence of mind-warping illegal drugs. But microdoses, about a tenth of a recreational dose, don’t seem to induce hallucinations; instead, people who do this report in internet forums that they are happier, more creative and more productive.


LSD and psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, achieve most of their effects by binding to serotonin receptors responsible for mood and cognition...Neuroimaging studies show that LSD and psilocybin change how different parts of the brain talk to each other. In particular, the visual cortex communicates more with other areas.


People with depression appear to benefit from microdosing, whereas those with anxiety find it is less helpful or makes symptoms worse. Overall, the microdosers report feeling more determined, active, alert, proud and enthusiastic, but also more nervous and jittery. They report feeling less depressed, upset, guilty and afraid.

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  • Realist

    The dose of LSD must be very small to avoid extreme psychological effects.If it were made legally available it would likely cause even more instances of abuse.

    • WeGotta

      Abuse? When’s the last time you met an LSD addict?

      People addicted to power, money, food and social media cause me more trouble than any drug addict.

      • Realist

        So you’re a drug advocate. You need to learn to read. No where in my comment did I use the word addict.

        “People addicted to power, money, food and social media cause me more trouble than any drug addict.”

        Opiate drug addiction in this country is a real problem for the addict and society. As I said you need to learn to read.

        • WeGotta

          Relax. An addict abuses drugs.
          LSD abuse is uncommon relative to other things people abuse.

          Opiate drug addiction is a side effect of money addiction. Pharmaceutical companies make billions off opiates made cheap by soldiers in Afghanistan while doctors go to jail and lives get shattered.

          Knowing how to read is basic. Try seeing between the lines.

  • 14kFugazi

    Best news I’ve read in 7 months and 7 days. I’m in.

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