FDA approves first product claiming to reduce infant peanut allergies


A new powdered peanut product is the first food item allowed to claim it may reduce peanut allergies in infants, though parents of susceptible babies are urged to consult a doctor before trying it. The product, called Hello, Peanut, can be mixed into puréed baby food to expose infants to peanuts starting around five months old.

The Food and Drug Administration allowed the new item, developed by a physician, to make the claim just months after the nation’s top allergy experts reversed longstanding advice on preventing peanut allergies….

The product consists of packets of organic peanut and sprouted oat blends in powdered form that can be mixed into baby food starting at five months, or soon after an infant starts eating solids. It is meant to be phased in with an introduction kit of seven packets that increases the amount of peanut content every day for a week, starting with a packet for day one that contains 200 milligrams of peanut powder, which is less than a single peanut, and gradually increasing by day seven to 2 grams of peanut, the equivalent of three to seven peanuts.

The powder is certified organic, dairy-free, kosher and free of genetically modified organisms. The introductory kit is $25 and the maintenance kit costs $20 for about three weeks.

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