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Infamous Seralini GMO rat tumor study debunked by European scientists

Three European studies have disproved Gilles-Éric Séralini’s widely circulated claims that genetically modified maize (corn) induces tumors in rats.

Séralini, a professor at the University of Caen, published his sensational claims in Food and Chemical Toxicology in September 2012, and used them to call for long-term GMO feeding studies. Though the publication later retracted his study, anti-GMO groups have continued to circulate Séralini’s conclusions in a bid to stoke fears about the safety of GM foods.

seralinistudNow three studies — GRACE and G-TwYST, funded by the European Union, and GMO90+ in France — have refuted Séralini’s main conclusions about the toxicity of herbicide-tolerant (Roundup Ready) maize. The research — conducted to address concerns raised by the Seralini study and provide the EU with guidance on the need for long-term studies — identified no potential risk from the product.

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“The G-TwYST (GM Plant Two Year Safety Testing) data from 90-day and long-term rodent feeding studies did not identify potential risks as well, and therefore support the results from the initial analyses,” according to the study’s conclusions and recommendation’s document, which was presented at an April 29, 2018 conference in Bratislava, Slovaki.

“It was concluded that there were no adverse effects related to the administration of the GM maize NK603 cultivated with or without Roundup,” the report stated.

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31 thoughts on “Infamous Seralini GMO rat tumor study debunked by European scientists”

          • Thanks, when will the cassava be released? Tomorrow? That guy is really scum. I started flagging his shill gambits and some other nonsense a while back. I suspect that others did as well. A potload of his comments were deleted.

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          • I am still perplexed by how that happened but I have never concerned myself with the rules of flagging etc. It seems so stupid. Is this Ted Miner thing real? Why can’t Grist just keep them out? I know the Russians have been very active stirring up GM fear on social media but they couldn’t be stupid enough to do it that way, could they?

          • In all honesty, I don’t get the impression that any of the usual folks has any real experience in science, and in the case of Ted himself, I really have doubts about his intelligence overall. The fact that he seem so surprised when his sock puppets are called out so quickly, but the mannerisms and phrasing is extremely unique.

            As a note, I do not have enough evidence to conclude that the 13 or so accounts actually belong to someone named Ted Miner, but i have conducted several stylometric analyses and can state with a high degree of certainty that they are all the work of a single individual or an organized group working off of a unified script.

            The former option is most likely. As for why, they might honestly believe in an out of sight, out of mind philosophy.

            Then again, they (Ted patrol, Debbie, and StopGMO) seem to think that I’m Kevin Folta.

            The truth is probably they need to have some form of villain they can point to and say, “There’s the reason why failing!”

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  1. And it only cost the taxpayers in the EU and France 12 million Euros to debunk that crap. Again. 12 million Euros not available for other research.

    • If only this 12M Euro set of studies would ease the logjam of “GMO” crops blocked by most European governments. The results are “an inconvenient truth”, but I fear that nothing will change, since the objections are fundamentally political, not scientific. How many more rats need to be killed before people wake up: where is PETA when you need them?

      The fact that Europe imports about 50% of its food and feed, despite much highly-productive farmland, should be a scandal within Europe—even though this has benefits for farmers in food/feed-exporting countries.

      • There was discussion before the trials even started about whether or not there was justification for killing so many rats. But I’m sure politicians will ignore these rat sacrifices while pandering to NGOs and urban ‘farming experts’ and their food prejudices. I’m starting to hope that EU farmers will rebel and start dumping loads of manure on the steps of the EU parliament.

    • No chance Karen, we are holding a meeting tomorrow about deliberately sneaking GE ingredients into kids vitamins, all cheeses, buffalo meat, M&Ms and tide laundry detergent. We will get you sooner or later. Bwahahaha.

        • Shill money! What a joke! I wore out two laptops and working on my third while posting 80,000 comments in defense of our hard working farmers and scientists. I have to buy replacements out of my dinky SS pension. Where do I sign up for shill payments?

          • Tell me about it! I hired a team of CPA’s to make sure that all my shill earnings were properly accounted for and that I paid the right amount of taxes on that income.

            If one of the anti-GMOers could tell me who I should contact at Monsanto (or other evil corporation of choice) and find out what’s happened to my checks, I would be very grateful. Keeping a team of CPA’s on retainer is getting mighty expensive and I need the money!

    • Karen, why are you here, then? I come here to learn. If you aren’t posting stuff just to cause trouble then stay. If otherwise, go, feed yourself and your children the alternative: dung laden “organic” swill.

  2. Oh come on, that’s peanuts compared to the massive meat and potatoes human study released Nov 2017 on 54,251 farm workers tracked long term as they handled glyphosate daily in their jobs. This bombshell is a stake through the heart of the thousands of fraudulent Monsanto/cancer lawsuits which will be tossed out of court now. You know, the ones advertised and recruiting on late night TV? The judge knows this study found the same cancer rates in farm workers as the general public and he knows only one of 280 world health, safety and technical institutions says there is any risk at all. Our IARC of course.

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