‘Factory farms wreck the environment’ and other myths farmers are tired of hearing

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Here are [some] of the biggest myths spread on social media and in the mainstream media, and some stuff we as farmers are frankly really sick of hearing.

1. GMOs are bad. GMOs are now grown …. around the world and for good reason. They allow us …. to often use fewer and less-toxic chemicals and save crops from disease …

2. Factory farms” wreck the environment. Feeding 8 billion people and tens of billions of pets and animals will never be perfect, but I wish the people making these claims had even the slightest clue how tough the regulations are. As one example, a local pig farm by me that raises 800,000 pigs per year must …. draw up a “manure management plan,” a very thick book detailing exactly how they’re going to manage it….

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6. Food safety concerns. 6. Food safety concerns. No, your food isn’t drenched in pesticides and, as the saying goes, the dose makes the poison. NO, livestock aren’t “pumped full” of hormones and antibiotics. Yes, everything we eat is regulated and inspected, with some of the highest food safety standards in the world. The USDA and FDA have scores of regulatory and guidance documents that farmers follow to ensure high levels of safety from planting season through harvest and processing.

Read full, original article: 6 farming myths we wish the public would stop clinging to

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