Roundup for breakfast? Checking the math on claims that glyphosate infects breakfast foods

Study Finds Cheerios Oats Other Breakfast Foods May Contain Weed Killer
Image: KDKA radio

No one wants …. to give their children a breakfast that is contaminated with weed killer. That’s why a new report suggesting that popular breakfast products …. contain “unsafe” amounts of “the Roundup chemical” (glyphosate) are garnering attention ….

The stories all stem from the same report released Wednesday by the Environmental Working Group, titled “Breakfast With a Dose of Roundup?” The report …. makes some rather outlandish claims about toxicity, glyphosate, cancer, and breakfast.


Any substance’s potential to cause harm is directly related to how much of said substance you consume; at a high enough dosage, anything can be harmful …. This is why regulatory bodies assess the threshold at which potentially harmful chemicals actually become dangerous ….

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The [EPA] has done this for glyphosate ….The EPA threshold  …. is 2 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day …. That’s the reference dose that’s considered safe to consume daily throughout a lifetime. None of the foods tested by EWG passes that threshold ….

[EWG] arrived at its number by taking the state of California’s recommendation for a glyphosate threshold …. and dividing it by 100 again. EWG justifies this second cut by relying on the Food Quality Protection Act [which] doesn’t mention glyphosate once, and it’s not clear its recommendation is …. meant to apply to the EPA standard for the chemical

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