Viewpoint: Why a Thanksgiving dinner using GMO ingredients is safer and healthier than an organic meal

thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means families across the U.S. will soon be enjoying the most mouth-watering of meals. This #1 gathering of food and family is a celebration of the early American settlers’ creation of plenty against long odds in what was then referred to as the New World.

Thanksgiving has sadly been politicized like so much in this hyper-politicized age. Sad is that the food that gives the holiday so much life is the political football, as it were. Sadder still is that food’s politicization carries with it a rather high price tag.

The source of nosebleed food prices is the organic-food craze. While people are and should be free to purchase what most appeals to them, fear increasingly informs our food-buying habits, and it comes care of the $124 billion organic-food industry. Playing on the false notion that “organic” is the equivalent of “healthy,” organic marketers have convinced all-too-many shoppers to increase their grocery bills 50 to 100 percent ….

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[T]he main genius of GMOs is that the use of them enables the growing of more and healthier food at lower and lower cost …. Indeed, it’s perhaps too often forgotten that 150 years ago career choices for individuals even in prosperous countries …. were rather limited …. odds were roughly 50/50 that able-bodied Americans would spend their lives working dawn to dusk, six days per week on the farm.

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