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Video: ‘Impossible burger 2.0’ on the verge of matching real beef—will it change how we eat?

| | January 11, 2019

To many meat-eaters, the Impossible Burger is a rude idea. This plant-based beef substitute is designed to look like meat, grill like meat, and taste like meat. As someone who recently tasted an Impossible Burger for the first time, I can safely say that these claims aren’t true. Then, at a buzzy event in Las Vegas, I tried the latest iteration, the Impossible Burger 2.0, and I’m somewhat baffled to admit: It’s good.

I showed up at the debut of the Impossible Burger 2.0 with a Shake Shack burger in a bag, all prepared to perform a head-to-head taste test between the real beef and the fake beef option. After a lengthy presentation about how difficult it is to replicate real meat in a lab and some scattered talk about how cow farts are ruining the world, I found myself sitting in front of a hot Impossible Burger 2.0 and a Shake Shack burger….

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We might be on the verge of fake meat matching real meat. The new Impossible Burger makes me curious about how this concept might change the way we eat. At the end of the day, my grumpy former vegetarian self will still pick the greasy ground beef mix if given the option. But I might not notice if someone served me an Impossible Burger instead.

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