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Viewpoint: Elective, unproven IV therapies create ‘perfect storm of risks’

We don’t have to look very far these days to find wellness facilities touting this or that intravenous (IV) infusion for “detoxification” and “revitalization.” Albeit vitamin concoctions to anti-aging “young blood” transfusions, people seem to be willing to try and sell anything no matter the cost or potential for harm. And without full disclosure of components.

To a physician, the notion of placing an invasive intravenous line, in environments that may lack rigorous sterile conditions and create a source for infection, in an otherwise healthy person to administer an unproven, untested “remedy” in a spa suite routinely untethered to a tertiary care center lacking in stocking proper resuscitative measures is baffling.

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Missouri man recently got sick during an elective “vitamin” infusion at a spa in Kansas City and died several days later.

In healthcare, less is often more since every action is often met with an equal and opposite reaction. Adding risk factors which is what needle insertion via elective IV placement alone achieves is not advisable. Tacking onto that unknown ingredients propelled directly into the bloodstream and a perfect storm of risks outweighing benefits is manifested. As the fees blossom, so should one’s skepticism.

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