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How to genetically engineer humans, safely

Maxwell Mehlman | 
In a post for Project Syndicate, biomedical ethics professor Maxwell Mehlman outlines the challenges of safely genetically engineering humans. Among ...
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Will animal-machine hybrids fight our next war?

Emily Anthes | 
The U.S. government is looking to animal-machine hybrids to safeguard the country and its citizens. The same advances that have ...

Pathway to transhumanism differs for political right and left

Transhumanist thought has been no exception, evident across the political spectrum - but tending to differ in line with the ...
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Using stem cells to regenerate cartilage

Alvin Ung | 
A team of Malaysian doctors achieved success and gained international attention by being innovative, passionate – and a little bit ...

Myriad Genetics patent dispute: Genes are patentable, and that’s OK, says author

Maxx Chatsko | 
The recent Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Geneticspatent dispute involving two genes for breast and ovarian cancer, BRCA 1 ...

Controversial horse cloning alters Summer Olympics equestrian outlook

David Graham | 
For fans of equestrian sports, the very existence of clones holds out the possibility of a game-changer. It won’t be ...
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