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Mosquitoes engineered to resist dengue could become gene drive weapon against the deadly disease

Genelle Weule | 
Locked in a secure lab near Melbourne is the newest addition in the fight against dengue: genetically engineered mosquitoes that ...

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop: Is she trolling us while ‘laughing all the way to the bank?’

Olivia Willis | 
[Gwyneth Paltrow's] Goop first gained notoriety in 2015 when it encouraged women to "steam clean" their vaginas (you already know ...
fall girl

Why do so many of us dream about flying, falling or being chased?

Belinda Smith | 
Most of us experience these so-called "typical dreams" during our lifetime. Around three-quarters of people dream of falling, for instance, and that ...
francis mojica

Meet Francisco Mojica, the scientist who first discovered CRISPR in a Spanish salt marsh

Michael Slezak | 
Professor [Francisco] Mojica grew up near the Mediterranean port of Santa Pola in Spain, a region famous for its salt ...

Is religion incompatible with science? Three scientists say it’s possible to have both

Anna Salleh | 
Is the conflict between religion and science as deep as some think? We talk to three scientists about how they ...
basu gene editing tease qhxpb

Second patient added to human gene-editing study, with no side effects so far

Marilynn Marchione | 
A second patient has been treated in a historic gene editing study in California, and no major side effects or ...
Breast Cancer Story Women Under

Testing ovarian cancer patients for BRCA gene mutations to better understand risk

Sophie Scott | 
Thousands of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will be tested to see if they are hidden carriers of the gene ...
argentina stolen baby e

Desaparecidos: Gene bank helps identify Argentina’s stolen and missing children

Almudena Calatrava | 
During the 1976-1983 dictatorship, Argentina's military rulers systematically stole babies born to political prisoners, most of whom were then killed ...
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Western Australian Labor party officials scrap plans to try to block GMO crops

Jacob Kagi | 
The Barnett Government changed regulations to allow the growth of GM canola in 2010, and hundreds of thousands of hectares ...
control sano

Doctors turn to stem cell regeneration to treat heart defects in babies

Lauran Neergaard | 
The 4-month-old on the operating table has a shocking birth defect, nearly half his heart too small or even missing...In ...

Congressman for Puerto Rico urges use of GM mosquitoes to fight Zika

Gillian Mohney, Paul Blake | 
As the number of Zika cases in Puerto Rico skyrocket into the thousands, Congressman Pedro Pierluisi, the island’s sole representative, ...

Florida community split on using GM mosquitoes against Zika

Gillian Mohney, Justine Quart | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. With Zika creeping north ...
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Federal court weighs appeals of overturned GMO bans in Hawaii counties

Caleb Jones | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The fight over regulating ...

Smallpox virus found in NIH storage ressurrecting concerns over sample management

Sydney Lupkin | 
Vials of the virus that causes smallpox were found in a National Institutes of Health research building that was unequipped ...

Woman seeks to ban surrogacy

Susan Donaldson James | 
Jennifer Lahl is on a crusade to outlaw surrogacy, the process by which women lend their wombs to would-be mothers ...

Is it wrong to try to breed out breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the latest disease being bred out of families through preimplantation genetic diagnosis – an embryo screening test ...

‘Stress Gene’ ups heart attack risk

Steven Moyo | 
Duke University researchers reported finding a link between a gene mutation known to increase the body’s response to stress and ...

Five ways medicine is getting personal

Liz Neporent | 
Genomics is the study of the human genome, genetic mapping and DNA sequencing. Sounds like the stuff of science fiction, ...

Egg-freezing goes mainstream with better technology

Denise Dador | 
The debate over egg-freezing is heating up as more and more young, healthy women are looking at options that postpone ...
pluot e

Future foods: Candy grapes, hypoallergenic apples, and more!

Gillian Mohney | 
Whether it's been genetically modified, cross-pollinated or created out of some other scientific process, scientists are aiming to create food ...

Gene therapy could treat cancer

Daniel Clark | 
The following is an excerpt. A clinical trial using a patient's own immune system to produce remissions in adults with ...

Scientists sidestep genetic engineering in effort to develop hypoallergenic apples

Gillian Mohney | 
The following is an edited excerpt. While apples rarely cause the same intense allergic reaction as more common allergens like ...

Researchers publish improved Neanderthal genome

Frank Jordans | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Researchers in Germany said Tuesday they have completed the first high-quality sequencing of a ...
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Neanderthal clones unlikely, experts say

Sydney Lupkin | 
ABC NewsHarvard Prof Says Neanderthal Clones Possible but Experts Doubt ItABC NewsBut I don't think it will ever happen," said ...

DNA from phony ‘chewing gum survey’ solves 1976 cold case

A DNA sample from a phony "chewing gum survey" led to the arrest of a man who has been charged ...
c c x

Genome project links breast and ovarian cancers

Scientists announced Sunday that they have finished mapping virtually all of the genetic mutations in breast cancer, an effort that ...

Secrets to oldest living family’s longevity: genetics, quality of life and diet play role in Sardinian family’s long life

Phoebe Natanson | 
Researchers searching for clues to the elixir of long-life in these lands have studied these ancient island communities for years ...

Stem cells restore toddler’s hearing

Lara Salahi | 
Madeleine Connor, 2, underwent an experimental procedure using her own cord blood stem cells to repair damaged tissue in her ...