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Roundup Glyphosate Pesticides

EU may block Austria’s proposed glyphosate weed killer ban

Austria's government appeared to cast doubt [December 2] on whether a total ban on the controversial herbicide glyphosate would be ...
roundup monsanto bayer merger

Thailand reverses glyphosate weed killer ban following push back from nation’s farmers

Thailand reversed a decision [Nov. 27] to ban a controversial weedkiller and extended the permitted use of two other pesticides ...
sprayingoilseedrapesprayingosrsprayingfungicide Main

France’s neonicotinoid ban just took effect. How will it impact farmers?

A ban on five neonicotinoid pesticides [entered] into force in France on [August 31], placing the country at the forefront ...
anti gm demonstrators in an oilseed rape crop

French anti-biotech group destroys research field trial—of non-GMO crops

[Editor's note: The following has been translated from French.] The agricultural cooperative group Auvergne Limagrain ... guaranteed the "absence of ...