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Once focused on vegan burgers, alt-protein industry sets sights on grain- and cell-based chicken, steak

After four years as a biomedical engineer specializing in 3D printing of tissue and organs in Barcelona, Giuseppe Scionti had ...
black angus cow

Animal gene editing breakthrough: Bringing Angus beef raised from US cattle to Brazil

The gene-edited heat-tolerant Angus cow could be a very big deal in Brazil ...

Video: ‘Impossible burger 2.0’ on the verge of matching real beef—will it change how we eat?

To many meat-eaters, the Impossible Burger is a rude idea. This plant-based beef substitute is designed to look like meat, ...
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Memphis Meats vice president says traditional agriculture ‘required’ for success of lab-grown meat

Start-up company Memphis Meats says that in the future, consumer meat products won’t start in a pasture or a feedlot. Rather, they ...

All-veggie ‘Impossible burger’ targeted by PETA’s cancer claims

Imagine sinking your teeth into a nice, juicy hamburger. Then, imagine being told that the hamburger isn't made from beef ...
future food

Beef producers, ‘alt-protein’ makers seek help settling ‘long-simmering dispute’

On [August 23rd], the North American Meat Institute (NAMI), a Washington, D.C.-based association that represents the country’s biggest meat producers ...

Organic, grass-fed beef: Nutritious food choice or marketing hype?

.... Organic farming and grass feeding are promoted as having some social and environmental benefits compared with conventionally produced red ...

Managed well, cattle feedlots can be the environmental and ethical smart choice

Although grass-fed is touted as the environmentally and ethically best choice for beef eaters, feedlots often outperform on both fronts ...

Meat wars: Sourcing from animals may not be what distinguishes meat from ‘meat alternatives’

The US Cattlemen's Association is making a pre-emptive strike against potentially misleading marketing for the next wave of meat alternatives ...
Ricki Lewis

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. How genetic testing guided what to do next.

Genetics counselor and writer Ricki Lewis explains how a breast cancer diagnosis led her to genetic testing—and why she decided ...
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