Organic activists sue USDA to nullify and revise bioengineered food labeling standards

The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard – which requires firms to label ‘bioengineered’ foods and beverages – is unlawful and ...

Food companies may wait until ‘last minute’ to comply with USDA’s bioengineered labeling rules

In grocery store freezer cases, Impossible Foods' ground plant-based meat stands out .... The unique part is on the back ...
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Viewpoint: There will be no crop biotech revolution unless scientists, consumers learn to talk to each other

It is imperative that scientists bridge the gap and enable an open, global dialogue so that all are informed ...
USDA GMO Food Labels Logos Confusing Cartoony

Legal experts say USDA unlikely to enforce violations of new bioengineered label law

The advice Martin Hahn, a partner at law firm Hogan Lovells, gave at the Institute of Food Technologists conference on ...
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Viewpoint: Why the USDA’s new ‘GMO label’ is meaningless

A meaningless label you want, a meaningless label you shall have ...
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Lab-grown meat poised for commercial success, but technical challenges may delay its debut

Private investment in lab-grown meat is soaring as companies chase the promise of boundless — and delicious — nuggets, steaks ...

Viewpoint: USDA’s bioengineered food rules will confuse consumers and could cost $200 million per year

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has created what may be the most bewildering, least cost-effective regulation ever. In July 2016, ...
USDA GMO Food Labels Logos Confusing Cartoony

USDA set to release final ‘bioengineered’ food labeling rule

After a contentious two-year comment period .... a rule requiring companies to label genetically modified foods is being finalized [the week ...
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