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Podcast: Neuralink brain chips; Flu vaccines during COVID; US farm system unraveling?

Elon Musk's company Neuralink recently debuted its brain implant in pigs, pushing us a little closer to integrating humans and ...
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COVID-19 is deadlier than the flu

Texas is just one of the states that has experienced a surge in coronavirus cases over recent weeks after relaxing ...
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Another pandemic? New swine flu identified in China could jump to humans

[A] new finding that pigs in China are more and more frequently becoming infected with a strain of influenza that ...
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Podcast: Don’t treat that fever—Dr. Paul Offit on why many of medicine’s most popular practices are ‘overkill’

Vaccine skeptics, alternative health advocates and anti-GMO activists are regularly lambasted for ignoring evidence that challenges their ideology. As it ...
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How the “F” word—flu—led to confusion as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded

Thinking that a novel virus is like a familiar one is like assuming that a guinea pig is the same ...
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If China’s coronavirus isn’t contained soon, we may be stuck with it permanently

With the new coronavirus spreading from person to person (possibly including from people without symptoms), reaching four continents, and traveling faster than ...
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Viewpoint: China’s coronavirus is getting all the attention, but this year’s flu season is more frightening

What we appear to be having this year is a flu-the-trickster season. And while that new coronavirus is getting a lot of attention, ...
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This year’s flu season may be just as bad as last year’s—and we still don’t have a universal vaccine

With the deadly 2017-2018 flu season still fresh in public health officials’ minds, this year’s outbreak is shaping up to be ...
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‘Holy grail of medicine’: Experimental drug promises to stop flu in its tracks—if it works in humans

We might be inching closer to a holy grail of medicine: an incredibly effective flu-killing drug that the virus can’t ...
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Absence of a ‘smoking gun’ pathogen has stymied efforts to solve AFM mystery illness paralyzing children

What some are calling an "unprecedented mystery respiratory illness" is being reported in the Rockies and across the Midwest. Contributing ...

Can llamas give us a universal flu vaccine?

Llama antibodies are different from ours. Our antibodies are a mix of two pairs of proteins, heavy and light, wrapped ...
drugs to treat the flu now include xofluza a new antiviral the fda just approved

‘First drug of its kind’ flu medication gains approval

The flu vaccine remains the best proactive way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the influenza virus. But ...
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Isolated influenza mutations may help predict future global flu trends

A study of flu evolution in four patients with long-term infections revealed mutations that later appeared, independently, around the world ...
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This year’s flu vaccine has been 50% effective, and that’s not shabby

This season's vaccine was more effective than those of the previous two years at reducing influenza-related hospitalizations ...
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