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Viewpoint: 6 debunked anti-GMO talking points activists should abandon for good

The public still accepts some blatant untruths about biotechnology, food safety, and sustainability ...
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Pro-GMO documentary ‘Food Evolution’ censored in France?

In a confidential report, the cinematographic distribution company 2iFilms recounts its misadventures concerning the broadcasting of the documentary Food Evolution ...
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Viewpoint: Why we can’t seem to bridge the gulf that divides pro- and anti-GMO forces

The opposition to GMOs is based not on scientific evidence, but on personal values and ideology. In effect, the two ...
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A Nutritionist Reflects on the Sad State of Health Education About GMOs and Farming at Schools and Universities

Ruth MacDonald, PhD, Author, Professor and Chair, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Iowa State University, and Interim Senior ...
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Banana wilt, GMOs and Food Evolution: Behind the scenes in Uganda profiling desperate plight of poor farmers

Despite claims by anti-GMO activists who say crop biotechnology mostly benefits big corporations, African farmers and poor people are the ...
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Ecomodernist podcast: Food Evolution film about ‘confirmation bias’ in foodie and anti-GMO community

One of the more surprising reactions to the documentary--and disappointing to scientists--came from organic and agroecology supporters who called it ...

Food Evolution interview: Could ‘pro science’ documentary inspire a pro-GMO food movement?

Food Evolution director Scott Hamilton Kennedy talks with the Genetic Literacy Project about the film's funding, and challenges the "ruthless ...
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Food Evolution director Scott Hamilton Kennedy: ‘I wanted to reset the debate’ over food and farming

Oscar-nominated director talks with the Genetic Literacy Project about the reaction his documentary has received, both from GMO critics and ...
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Opinion: GMO opponents in ‘frenzied heat’ trying to discredit Food Evolution movie

Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle and other anti-GMO activists have complained that the documentary Food Evolution is nothing more than a ...

Food Evolution’s NYC premiere proof science and reason can win over GMO skeptics

Change is hard. But a skeptical New York City crowd's reaction to Food Evolution, a new documentary about GMOs, provides ...
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Talking Biotech: Anti-GMO activists say Food Evolution is an ‘agrichemical conspiracy’—Who’s behind the documentary?

Scott Hamilton Kennedy, director of Food Evolution, addresses baseless claims that new GMO documentary is "Monsanto propaganda" ...
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‘Food Evolution’ movie could mark turning point in public GMO discussion

Food Evolution, a documentary about the GMO debate, brings pro-science perspectives into the mainstream and casts a harsh light on ...
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