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Do you have food allergies? Manipulating the gut microbiome might treat them

Esther Landhuis | 
As a child, Cathryn Nagler broke out in hives when she ate eggs. She reacted to penicillin. Working in labs ...
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Probiotics can’t help with most gastrointestinal issues, new guidelines say

Scott Gavura | 
If the gastrointestinal tract is a rainforest, then can oral doses of “good” bacteria provide meaningful health benefits? … The ...
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Mediterranean diet boosts gut bacteria linked to ‘healthy’ aging in older people, study shows

While the data continues to pour in on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for cardiac health, the lack of ...
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Is your personality shaped by your gut bacteria? Study suggests sociable people have more diverse microbiome

Natalie Parletta | 
A new study from Oxford University, published in the journal Human Microbiome, has linked gut bacteria strains and diversity with people’s personalities. That ...
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How the microbiome may boost the brain’s recovery from stroke damage

Diana Kwon | 
Despite a decades-long search, scientists have yet to pinpoint effective ways of protecting the brain from poststroke damage. In recent ...
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Can we slow the progression of Alzheimer’s by seeding our guts with ‘better’ bacteria?

Jenna Sternberg | 
Male — but not female — mice had reduced amyloid beta plaques in the brain after antibiotic treatment ...

Podcast: Obesity, cancer and gut bacteria—how the microbiome impacts your health

Hilary Browne, Kat Arney, Rob Finn, Tim Spector | 
Get your hands dirty by delving into the microbiome - the trillions of bacteria that live inside our guts ...

Probiotics as ‘living medicine’: Synthetic biology takes on gut diseases, metabolic syndromes

Kostas Vavitsas | 
Engineered probiotics could relieve patients of metabolic diseases ...

Can we treat Alzheimer’s by ‘seeding our guts’ with beneficial bateria?

Jenna Sternberg | 
In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine earlier this year, microbiologist Hemraj Dodiya of the University of Chicago and ...
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Infographic: How fecal transplants work against recurrent C. diff infections

Kendall Powell | 
Today’s data show that fecal transplants cure 80 percent to 90 percent of patients with recurrent C. diff infections—and doctors ...
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Fecal transplant industry needs a lot of ‘quality’ poop. Where does it come from?

Cody Cottier | 
To reset the microbiome, the best medicine comes from the last place you’d expect: a fecal transplant, in which a ...

Which is more important to the gut microbiome? Genetics or environment?

Nicoletta Lanese | 
Genetics hold far more sway over the mouse microbiome than transient environmental exposures, researchers reported July 26 in Applied and ...
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Microbiome manipulation could improve our heart health, but it’s not a ‘magic solution’

Shawna Williams | 
“Is the fountain of youth in the gut microbiome?” This provocative question popped up a few months back, not in ...

Autism-linked mutation may also play role in gastrointestinal problems

Anna Nowogrodzki | 
Mutations in the gene NLGN3, found in some people with autism, alter mice’s gut nervous system, two new studies suggest ...
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Treating food allergies by tweaking the microbiome? Trials offer ‘promising but mixed results’

Jef Akst | 
These days, there is little doubt that the body’s resident bacteria have a big say in how the immune system ...
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Viewpoint: Why the New York Times failed with its coverage of overhyped probiotics obesity treatment

Beth Mole | 
Adding to the steaming pile of unsubstantiated hype over probiotics, the New York Times ran an uncritical article ... suggesting ...
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Chasing links between mental illness and microbes living in our guts

Ashley Yeager | 
“If you would have asked a neuroscientist 10 years ago whether they thought the gut microbiota could be linked to ...

FDA regulatory dilemma: Are fecal transplants drugs, human tissue, or something new?

Sarah Zhang | 
For the past several years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been trying to figure out how to regulate ...

Gut microbes may offer performance boost for elite athletes

Carolyn Wilke | 
One difference between elite athletes and the rest of us might be in what hangs out in their guts. Microbes ...
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GMO corn doesn’t harm gut microbiome of rats, study team associated with anti-biotech geneticist Gilles-Eric Séralini finds

Robin Mesnage | 
Safety concerns arising from the consumption of foods derived from genetically modified (GM) crops remains a controversial subject. We report ...
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How does our immune system distinguish between friendly gut bacteria and deadly pathogens?

Jeremy Rehm | 
Observations in mice show that certain filamentous microbes use a hooklike appendage to send messages that researchers believe are aimed ...

Key to fecal transplants could revolve around ‘recipe and preparation’

Ricki Lewis | 
Fecal transplants are slowly becoming a more effective, and more palatable option for various gut disorders, such as IBS or ...
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How AI ‘learned’ to predict a person’s age by analyzing gut bacteria

Marc Prosser | 
The plethora of bacteria and other tiny organisms that live in your gut, often referred to as the gut microbiome, don’t ...
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Is depression affected by bacteria in the gut?

Jane Recker | 
The human microbiome—a collection of bacteria, archaea, fungi and viruses commingling in the gut and intestines—has been linked to a ...
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Why probiotics could actually be bad for you

Temma Ehrenfeld | 
Millions of Americans take probiotics—live bacteria deemed useful—assuming there can be only positive effects. The truth is that you really ...
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