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Interbreeding with Neanderthals, Denisovans gave us an evolutionary boost, study says

Sarah Sloat | 
When Homo sapiens left Africa and encountered the Homo neanderthalensis in Europe, the two ancient hominins did the obvious thing and had sex with ...

‘Chilling’ solution to Fermi paradox: Are intelligent life forms destined to destroy themselves?

James Trefil, Michael Summers | 
If we compress the history of the universe into a single year, Earth and our solar system formed around Labor ...
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‘Dreaming must be important’. But we still don’t really know why we do it.

James MacDonald | 
In an extensive 2012 literature review, the psychologist Matthew Merced notes that, even though nobody knows for certain why we ...
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‘De novo genes’: How natural selection creates new genes from nothing

Adam Levy | 
In the depths of winter, water temperatures in the ice-covered Arctic Ocean can sink below zero. That’s cold enough to ...
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Darwin’s theory of evolution suggests a new approach for treating cancer

James DeGregori, Robert Gatenby | 
Cancers that have spread, known as metastatic disease, are rarely curable. The reasons that patients die despite effective treatment are ...
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If humans never evolved, would Earth still have intelligent life? This evidence suggests the answer is yes

James Horton, Tiffany Taylor | 
The paths available to evolving organisms are far from limitless ...
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Have humans reached the end of evolution? Not under these 3 scenarios

David Warmflash | 
Is natural selection still a major force in human evolution? Or have vaccines, water purification, modern medical care and other ...
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‘Deep learning’ sheds light on natural selection in human DNA

Amy Maxmen | 
Each person’s genome contains three billion building blocks called nucleotides, and researchers must compile data from thousands of people to ...
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Are humans genetically loaded for extinction?

Andrew Porterfield | 
Genetic load--the idea that we've had too many mutations to thrive--is making a comeback. A debate's brewing over whether it's ...

Extraterrestrial life may have different chemistry, but evolutionary forces will be Earth-like

David Warmflash | 
If the forces of natural selection have shaped the development of life on Earth, there's no reason to believe those ...
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Humans are still evolving–the evidence is in how we age and who survives

Although human evolution is seen as in the distant past, every minute biological decision results in ongoing human natural selection ...

From horses to mice, animal inbreeding has shaped human existence

Humans have been breeding animals together, a new natural selection, since the beginning of time. However, inbreeding can have drastically ...

Cesarean section: How this booming birth procedure influences human evolution

David Warmflash | 
The rising use of C-sections around the world is altering the survival rates of mothers and fetuses who might not ...

Do you have the Ashley Madison gene?

Nicholas Staropoli | 
The Ashley Madison leak has exposed the identity of millions of philanderers or would be adulterists. It raises the intriguing ...
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