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How the pigweed Palmer amaranth became a ‘super weed’—and what it tells us about preventing herbicide resistance

Bound up with the bad news of super weeds is good news for farmers -- a window of opportunity ...

Promising flu drug could be hampered by rapid viral resistance

A new, fast-acting flu drug showed strong potential but also some surprising and even concerning results in two newly published ...

Hospital ‘superbugs’ getting better at defeating alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Popular hand sanitizers may be heading the way of antibiotics, according to a study published this week in Science Translational Medicine ...
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Better than antibiotics? Bacteria-targeting viruses show potential against pneumonia

Like other cells, bacteria often find themselves victims of viral infections, dying as new viruses burst out to infect their ...

Antibiotic resistance may be dangerous—but it’s hardly new

Despite media reports, antibiotics always faced microbe resistance. Can studying their genetics show us a path to new drugs ...

Vacation hazard: Your gut bacteria picks up souvenirs, too

When we travel our gut bacteria can pick up antibiotic resistance genes in just two days. What does that mean ...

To protect vineyards from pests and reduce pesticide use, CRISPR could be the answer

The powdery mildew fungus decimates vineyards around the globe. As pesticides become less effective, some scientists are turning to gene ...
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Myth busting: Is agricultural pesticide use in the US, and its impact, going down or up?

Anti-GMO groups have shifted their focus from demonizing GMO crops directly to criticizing chemical usage, particularly the herbicide glyphosate, for ...
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GMO myth busting: Behold the dandelion, the weed with farm busting superpowers

What does it mean to say that weeds are developing a "resistance" to glyphosate or another pesticide? Is this related ...
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