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Teaching AI to diagnose COVID-19 by analyzing CT scans

Claire Jarvis | 
In China, CT scans are already used as a COVID-19 diagnostic tool when a patient arrives at a healthcare setting ...
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Infographic: No more shots? Next-gen vaccine ‘sheets’ melt on the tongue

Ruth Williams | 
Two issues influencing the accessibility of many vaccines are their needs for constant refrigeration from production until use and for ...
super potent covid neutralizing antibodies isolated and successfully tested in animals

COVID-19 recoverers appear to rapidly lose antibodies, leaving them vulnerable to reinfection within months

Amanda Heidt | 
Infections caused by coronavirus cousins such as SARS and MERS result in antibodies that remain in the body for nearly ...
armchair coronavirus expert

How the COVID-19 pandemic has emboldened ‘armchair’ virologists

Bob Grant | 
[W]hen the Olympics are being broadcast, I transform into an armchair commentator, catching a full-blown case of what I like ...
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People with PTSD may have trouble suppressing memories—good and bad

Jef Akst | 
One question the researchers want to explore through the lens of the [November 13, 2015] Paris attacks is why some ...
knockout mice

Viewpoint: We need more female animals included in research projects

Shawna Williams | 
In 2011, Annaliese Beery and Irving Zucker of the University of California, Berkeley, analyzed biomedical literature and reported that studies ...
sars coronavirus nih

Infographic: From the common cold to COVID-19, here’s our history with coronaviruses

Shawna Williams | 
On January 9 of this year, Chinese state media reported that a team of researchers led by Xu Jianguo had ...
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‘Bioelectric memory patch’ promises to boost short-term memory. Could it really work?

Diana Kwon | 
What if you could boost your brain’s processing capabilities simply by sticking electrodes onto your head and flipping a switch? ...
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Gut microbiomes are most malleable in the first 2 years of life. Can infant probiotics improve long-term health?

[Children] acquire gut microbiome species from their mothers and others in the community during early life. This stands in contrast ...
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Why a poorly designed coronavirus vaccine could actually make infections worse

Katarina Zimmer | 
Antibodies created during a first-time infection could, under very specific circumstances, end up enhancing the disease rather than protecting against ...
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People with two copies of ‘Alzheimer’s gene’ at greater risk of developing severe COVID-19 infection

Jef Akst | 
The APOE ε4 gene variant that puts people at a greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease also has a link ...

Infographic: How our brains keep track of time

Catherine Offord | 
It’s unclear how the brain keeps track of the timing of events within a memory. One theory posits that, as ...
brain memories

‘The Idea of the Brain’: Pinpointing the storage location for our memories

Matthew Cobb | 
For centuries, scientists have been arguing about where memory resides in the brain. I explore the fascinating history of this ...
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Sewage monitoring could give early warning of fresh coronavirus outbreaks

Chris Baraniuk | 
Scientists in Spain are expecting to begin regularly analyzing sewage for traces of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, The Scientist ...
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Fighting malaria: Genetically modified parasites offer promising but incomplete protection

Ruth Williams | 
Two clinical trials, in which subjects were vaccinated with genetically engineered Plasmodium parasites and later exposed to the malaria-causing microbe, ...
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Hydroxychloroquine trials halted after World Health Organization cites ‘significantly higher risk of death’ for COVID-19 patients

Catherine Offord | 
The World Health Organization has suspended testing of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine after a study published in The Lancet reported ...
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False memories: Why marijuana users may not be the best eye witnesses

Amy Schleunes | 
When Lilian Kloft stumbled across a 2015 study showing a connection between cannabis use and susceptibility to false memories, she ...
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From “COVID toes” to delirium, coronavirus presents a wide range of unusual symptoms

Claire Jarvis | 
In late April, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its list of COVID-19 symptoms. The CDC initially ...
science daily

AI digs through billions of molecules, searching for an effective coronavirus treatment

Abby Olena | 
Shantenu Jha, a computational scientist at Rutgers University and Brookhaven National Laboratory, is coupling artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms with ...

Tuberculosis vaccine gets a shot at the coronavirus

Anthony King | 
One of the oldest vaccines could protect us against our newest infectious disease, COVID-19. The vaccine has been given to ...

Experimental cancer blood test shows promise, but also hits some snags

Ashley Yeager | 
A blood test has detected cancer in individuals who had no history or symptoms of cancer. A trial of the ...
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Infographic: 3 factors affecting how viruses jump from animals to humans

Ashley Yeager | 
Raina Plowright of Montana State University is working with infectious disease experts, ecologists, and a range of other scientists to ...
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Taming the body’s immune response could offer treatment option for coronavirus

Shawna Williams | 
Among the many outstanding questions about COVID-19 is how the same virus, SARS-CoV-2, can kill some patients and leave others ...
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Coronavirus ‘immunity passports’? Why it’s too early to know whether survivors are safe

Katarina Zimmer | 
Policymakers have another reason to scramble to deploy antibody tests: they could indicate whether someone is immune to SARS-CoV-2. With ...
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Injecting tumors with a flu shot ignites cancer-killing immune response in mice

Ashley Yeager | 
Nearly 5,000 years ago, Egyptian physician Imhotep observed a grotesque but revealing detail about tumors: some grew so large that ...

When coronavirus patients don’t have time to wait: Pandemic forces ethical shift in assessing treatments

Jennifer Miller, John Loike | 
Normally, it takes about eight years to move a drug through clinical trials and approval by the US Food and ...
kgo dna andme img image

Searching coronavirus patient DNA to learn why some people are hit harder than others

Marla Broadfoot | 
Among the many mysteries that remain about COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, is why it hits some ...
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