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Evolutionary puzzle: Why do fraternal twins exist?

The chances of having fraternal twins changes with maternal age and is heritable ...
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Twins study bolsters theory that genetics play a role in coronavirus symptom severity

Symptoms of Covid-19 appear to be partly down to genetic makeup, researchers at King’s College London have discovered. The finding ...
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Do genetics determine our political beliefs? Why twin studies may not be able to answer the question

In the late 1960s, researchers began to consider the interaction between genes and environment as a possible basis for all ...
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‘Rare and unsettling’: Young woman had undeveloped ‘twin’ in her abdomen for 17 years

A young woman in India unknowingly lived with one of the rarest and most unsettling medical conditions for nearly two ...
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What explains twins that are ‘somewhere in between’ fraternal and identical?

A few years ago, Michael Gabbett got a call from a very confused ob-gyn. A woman had come in pregnant ...
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Crime scene investigators couldn’t tell identical twins’ DNA apart. Until now

One night in November 1999, a 26-year-old woman was raped in a parking lot in Grand Rapids, Mich. Police officers ...
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Ancestry results for identical twins illustrate flaws in consumer genetic testing

One set of identical twins, two different ancestry profiles. At least that's the suggestion from one of the world's largest ...
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Genes or environment? Twins study offers ‘unsatisfying answer’ when it comes to disease

It’s the next chapter in the nature-nurture debate: To keep people healthy, is it better to focus on people’s Zip ...
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Video: Looking back at groundbreaking twins research—and its impact on genetics

“I have looked at the data, and I’m collecting the data, and I’m still absolutely astounded. I still haven’t settled ...

Space astronaut twin’s DNA ‘changed’? How some reports botched the story, and what we really know

When the Today Show reported on March 15 that the DNA of Scott Kelly, who spent a year on the ...
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Why all identical twins who are overweight are not identically obese

Identical twins have the same genomes, but they don't always look exactly the same, particularly in regards to weight. Science ...

Two of a kind? Twins offer unique glimpse into human development

In the world of genetics, identical twins offer a valuable source for study. And they've shown that our genetic makeup ...
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Are our views on religion, astrology and new-age beliefs hardwired?

Our beliefs, including irrational ones such as an embrace of pseudoscience and 'fake news', have been shown to be somewhat ...
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Why identifying ‘autism genes’ is so elusive

Researchers are unlocking the mystery of autism's origin. Yes, it's mostly 'in the genes,' but what that means is one ...
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