Cereals reformulated to be non-GMO less nutritious than GMO versions

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Post Foods’ new non-GMO Grape Nuts no longer include vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12 or vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), while the new non-GMO Original Cheerios no longer have Riboflavin on the ingredients list (the old version has 25% of the daily value in a 28g serving while the new version has 2% of the DV).

Dr Wayne Parrott, professor of crop science at the University of Georgia, said it was depressing to see that the new products are arguably less healthy given the lower vitamin content.

He told FoodNavigator-USA: “Cheerios went from being a major source of vitamin B2 to being almost zip.”

This was particularly ironic given that a large percentage of people who say they are avoiding GMOs claim to do so for health reasons, he said.

“It is one thing for General Mills to say they took GM out [of Original Cheerios] due to customer preference.

“It is another to claim they are more wholesome because of it – something they are doing on the box itself and on their website – [he cites the fact that Original Cheerios’ non-GMO credentials are listed under the ‘Why they are so good’ heading on the website ‘], particularly when they took an important nutrient out of it almost completely.

“The new version is certainly less nutritious.”

Read the full original article: Goodbye GMOs (and vitamin B12, D, A, and Riboflavin): New non-GMO Grape Nuts and Original Cheerios are ‘certainly less nutritious’, claims professor

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