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Neanderthals’ brains may have doomed them to extinction

| | May 8, 2018

Using computers and MRI scans, researchers have created the most detailed reconstruction of a Neanderthal brain to date, offering new insights into the social and cognitive abilities of these extinct humans. But as to whether these characteristics were responsible for their ultimate demise remains an open question.

New research published [April 26] in Scientific Reports suggests important differences in cognitive and neural function between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals led to differences in behavior that may have resulted in the conditions under which anatomically modern humans succeeded and Neanderthals failed some 45,000 years ago.

[T]he researchers uncovered “significant” differences in brain morphology. Even though Neanderthals had larger skulls, and thus larger brain volume overall, H. sapiens had a proportionately larger cerebellum, the part of brain involved in movement, balance, vision, learning, language, and mood.

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Looking at these differences, the researchers inferred such abilities as cognitive flexibility (i.e. learning, adaptability, and out-of-the-box thinking), attention, language processing, and short-term and long-term memory. Homo sapiens, the researchers concluded, had better cognitive and social abilities than Neanderthals, and a greater capacity for long-term memory and language processing.

[A]bility to adapt to changing environment by creating innovation may have been limited in [Neanderthals] and this difference possibly affected their chance of survival and drove the replacement process.

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4 thoughts on “Neanderthals’ brains may have doomed them to extinction”

  1. Even for a front for mass posioneers you are -defective culls. If the modern population has”neandertal DNA”-they were Not a different species.
    This site apon slight perusal is however the most excellent argument for -Malgenics you could find short of walking thru the terminals of the Tornto airport! Ask your ever regretting mothers about it!

  2. Right, because every single other species on the planet has less cognitive and social abilities, and inferior memory and language use compared to modern humans, so they’re all dying out for that exclusive reason. Ants, bacteria, cats, they’re all doomed because there is only one way to survive in this universe. Not how the modern evolutionary synthesis understands survival! To arrive at the above conclusion, you’d have to show that Neanderthals (which, given that homo sapien sapiens could reproduce with them skirt all present definitions of ‘species’) were in direct competition with a pre-mix AMH subspecies, and while some proved fit enough to enter the modern human genome, most died of being too shy. Or all these scraps of evidence are just insufficient information after all.

    • I have been saying for several years, that it’s possible that hybridization created our higher intelligence. They have found Neanderthal (& Denisovan) genes in humans, but no human genes in Neanderthals, what if hominid “cerebral” brains and Neanderthal larger brains produced some offspring with large efficient brains? Of course some of the offspring would have ended up with smaller inefficient brains. They then all joined the Democrat party! lol

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