Anti-glyphosate activist Carey Gillam ‘collaborated’ with attorney charged in extortion plot

Carey Gillam, former Reuters journalist and director of research at U.S. Right to Know, a group funded by the organic food industry

In a press release, the [Department of Justice] said that one of the lead plaintiffs’ attorneys, Timothy Litzenburg, who helped land a $289-million hit job against Monsanto has been arrested for the attempted extortion of $200 million from another chemical company involved in the production of [the glyphosate-based herbicide] Roundup.

If the company (which the Wall Street Journal identified as Nouryon) did not cough up the money, Litzenburg would send in a “parade of horribles” (i.e., cancer patients) like he did to Monsanto, according to an affidavit. He also promised a “40 percent stock loss” and a “public relations nightmare.” But if Nouryon complied with his demand, then he would intentionally lose the case ….

And, as it just so happens, Litzenburg has a buddy in Carey Gillam, a former journalist who …. took a job with the anti-GMO activist organization U.S. Right to Know (USRTK). USRTK, a corporate front group that is primarily funded by the organic industry, routinely smears and spreads disinformation about biotech scientists.


The Litzenburg-Gillam-USRTK Axis

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Gillam has continued her crusade against GMOs by publishing in sympathetic outlets, such as The Guardian, which has gotten into the lucrative business of spreading anti-science and anti-American propaganda. In a June 2019 article, Gillam lied about our organization, claiming that we receive “marching orders” from Monsanto.

screen shot at pm
Gillam’s Guardian article citing Litzenburg

As it turns out, Gillam was getting her marching orders from Litzenburg. She even dutifully repeated his deceptions several times in the aforementioned article.

Read full, original article: USRTK, Carey Gillam Collaborated with Monsanto Plaintiff Attorney Charged with Extortion

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