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AquaBounty confident of GM salmon approval despite FDA delay

Elaine Watson | 
The following is an excerpt. AquaBounty Technologies - which has already spent years waiting for the FDA to decide whether ...

Lobbying by agri-business killed New Mexico GMO labeling Bill, claim supporters

Elaine Watson | 
The following is an excerpt. Supporters of a New Mexico Senate bill proposing mandatory labeling for genetically engineered food and ...

EU health commissioner to prioritise talks on GM crop bans

Caroline Scott-Thomas | 
The following is an excerpt. EU health commissioner Tonio Borg intends to prioritise discussions with key European member states about ...

Poland latest European country to ban GM crops

Caroline Scott-Thomas | 
Poland has become the eighth European country to ban the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops approved by the European ...

European science agency backs GM pollen use in food

Nathan Gray | 
Europe’s top food safety regulator has delivered a scientific opinion backing Monsanto’s application to place genetically modified (GM) pollen on ...
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Goldfish Crackers targeted in ‘natural’ lawsuit in wake of Prop 37

Elaine Watson | 
While Prop 37 did not pass, the failure to disclose the presence of GMOs in foods that are marketed as ...
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Popular mobile food app adds GMO feature

Hank Schultz | 
Fooducate, a mobile app launched last year to help grocery store shoppers quickly look up nutrition and other product info ...
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Prop 37 voter guide has confused voters and misrepresented our position, says Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Elaine Watson | 
The official voter information guide on California’s Proposition 37 GMO labeling initiative inaccurately states that the Academy of Nutrition and ...
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Lawyer: Prop 37 will overtake Prop 65 as a source of consumer litigation in California

Elaine Watson | 
Prop 37 is likely to surpass Prop 65 as a source of consumer litigation in California if the controversial GMO ...

Conference urges drive toward GMO-free Europe

Caroline Scott-Thomas | 
The European Green Party and the European GMO-free Regions Network is meeting with politicians, scientists, EU institutions and businesses in ...

Yes on Prop 37? No on Prop 37? Writer says no matter what the outcome, everyone loses

Caroline Scott-Thomas | 
It doesn’t matter whether you support Prop 37 or oppose it; whatever happens in November when Californians vote on whether ...

Pressure groups intensify campaign to derail GM guidance

Rod Addy | 
Pressure groups Friends of the Earth (FoE) and GM Freeze have stepped up their campaign to derail EU safety guidelines ...

Researchers showcase ‘easy’ GM tracking technology

Nathan Gray | 
A new technology could help to monitor and track genetically modified crops in the food processing chain, say researchers ...