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Stem cell transplants show promise as possible AIDS cure

Hidaya Aliouche | 
[A study] demonstrated a successful stem cell transplantation from donors harboring an HIV-resistant gene. Blood taken from the patient revealed ...
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Deaths in less developed countries set to surge from malaria, HIV and TB linked to COVID-19 disruptions

Over the next five years, deaths from [HIV, tuberculosis and malaria] could rise by as much as 10%, 20% and ...
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Why worldwide HIV funding is taking a nosedive

Jenny Lei Ravelo | 
As the novel coronavirus continues to squeeze government budgets, experts note there are more questions and uncertainties on the future ...
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With a COVID-19 vaccine only a distant possibility, a HIV containment-like strategy could be best option

Nicole Wetsman | 
Though many people are pinning their hopes on a COVID-19 vaccine, another option is available: preventive treatment. At a Senate ...
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What the porn industry can teach us about how to live safely with coronavirus

Usha McFarling | 
Since the late 1990s, when an outbreak of HIV infections threatened to shutter the multibillion-dollar industry, the mainstream porn community ...
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Podcast: Coronavirus isn’t just a bad flu; COVID-19 vaccine may be delayed; and have we cured HIV?

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
The novel coronavirus is not just "the flu," contrary to what you may have read on social media. There may ...
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Comparing the coronavirus pandemic to past pathogenic threats: HIV, anthrax and Ebola

Ricki Lewis | 
How does the COVID-19 pandemic compare to other infamous viral infections that have plagued us in modern times? It's a ...
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Second person cured of HIV after experimental stem cell transplant

Ed Cara | 
A London man living with HIV who received an experimental stem cell transplant has appeared free of the virus for ...
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Eliminating HIV by 2030 a real possibility, but ‘we’re not getting off to the right start’

Ed Cara | 
During his State of the Union address in February, President Donald Trump reiterated a promise he had made a year earlier: By ...

Is the quest for profits getting in the way of ending the HIV epidemic?

Four decades after the HIV epidemic began, there’s finally hope it might end. Indeed, “Getting to Zero” — meaning zero ...
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Failed HIV vaccine study is ‘another frustrating defeat’ in the fight against AIDS

Jon Cohen | 
The failure-ridden search for a vaccine that can stop the AIDS virus has delivered yet another frustrating defeat. The HIV ...

3 experimental vaccines could be ‘game changer’ for HIV treatment

Tim Fitzsimons | 
The global fight against the human immunodeficiency virus is poised to make important advances thanks to three experimental HIV vaccines ...
5-17-2019 phage news

Podcast: CRISPR advances, HIV cures and a perfect predator for superbugs

Exploring the latest advances in medical biotechnology including CRISPR-based gene therapies, infection-fighting viruses and a cure for HIV. Plus reflections ...
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Podcast: GMO rice could yield affordable treatment to stem HIV in developing world

Evangelia Vamvaka, Kevin Folta, Michelle Wu | 
A research team developed an ingenious solution to a logistical public health problem—adding anti-HIV proteins to rice ...
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Scientists extract ‘near-complete’ HIV genome from 50-year-old tissue sample found ‘sitting in a drawer’

Nicoletta Lanese | 
Scientists extracted a near-complete HIV-1 genome from a lymph node that had been preserved in wax for more than 50 ...

Powerful CAR-T duo uses artificial ‘claws’ to grab and destroy HIV

Shelly Fan | 
Lengtigen, a biotech company based in Gaithersburg, MD, teamed up with researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in ...

Viewpoint: Plants could give us new treatments for cancer, HIV and other diseases if we had better ‘pharming’ regulations

Henry Miller, Kathleen Hefferon | 
Study suggests that proteins could be obtained from genetically engineered tobacco plants at 1/1,000th the cost of current methods ...
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Once-a-year drug implant could solve one of the biggest obstacles for effective HIV treatments

Lenny Bernstein | 
An early test of a new drug and method of blocking HIV infection suggests they could overcome one of the ...
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Cure for AIDS/HIV? Temper expectations.

A. J. Smuskiewicz | 
As we seek an outright cure for HIV/AIDS, our hope should be grounded in reality ...

Genetic sequencing of 50-year-old tissue sample boosts theory that HIV emerged 100 years ago

Helen Branswell | 
For more than 50 years, the RNA remained hidden in a lymph node that had been snipped out of a ...
MIT HIV Vaccine

Podcast: Battle to conquer HIV with biotechnology is on. How much progress have we made?

Kevin Folta, Pamela Skinner | 
The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is to blame for one of the worst public health crises the world has ever ...
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CRISPR used to cure HIV in mice. Will it lead to new treatments for humans?

Hannah Knowles | 
Researchers say they have removed HIV from the DNA of mice, an achievement the scientists say could be an early ...
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Viewpoint: He Jiankui’s CRISPR babies experiment was ‘even worse than I first thought’

Henry Greely | 
When He Jiankui announced the birth of twin girls whose DNA he had modified when they were embryos using the CRISPR ...
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Can your sex partner alter your microbiome, immune system?

Kate Sheridan | 
People’s sexual partners could impact both their gut microbiome and their immune system, according to a new study from the University of ...
3-10-2019 david goldman the new york times eyevine

‘Paradigm shifting’: Monthly injections could replace daily pills for HIV patients

Amy Maxmen | 
Long-acting medicines have proved as effective as daily pills in preventing HIV from replicating, according to results from twin trials ...
3-6-2019 timothy brown

Second person cured of HIV? Stem cell transplant sends ‘London patient’ into long-term remission

Carolyn Johnson | 
A man has been in remission from HIV for a year and a half, without drugs, after receiving a stem ...

NIH blocks research using fetal tissue, prompting calls of ‘scientific censorship’

Kate Sheridan | 
Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have been ordered not to acquire new fetal tissue for their research since ...
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