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Cheese without the cow: Could bioengineering produce animal-free dairy products?

Pearly Neo | 
Australian-US firm Change Foods is creating cheese from scratch using bio-engineering technology, claiming that their products will hold an advantage ...

Synthetic biology ‘apps’: Here comes a revolution in medicine, chemicals, agriculture and food

Matthew Kirschner | 
Today, anyone who can code can win in the internet economy. Thanks to services such as Amazon’s AWS and Apple’s ...
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‘We can’t make dinosaurs come to life – yet.’ How far can synthetic biology turn science fiction into fact?

Niju Narayanan | 
A team of Los Alamos scientists are developing “cell-free systems.” They take the guts of the cells and use the ...
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Bioprinting: Creating pinhead replicas of human organs to fight COVID-19 and other ailments

Ellen Rosen | 
Anthony Atala, the director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and his team are… creating tiny replicas of ...
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Opening the floodgates to synthetic biology innovations in drugs, textiles, agricultural products and advanced materials

John Cumbers | 
Today’s DNA makers still create their products using chemistry. To form a new double helix, the individual letters of DNA ...
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Injecting live bacteria into tumors? Synthetic biology revives a controversial century old cancer cure

John Cumbers | 
Could the body, in fighting against a pathogen, also be battling a tumor? After injecting bacteria into a patient who ...
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World’s first bionic eye could be better than the real thing

Daniella Genovese | 
The world's first 3D artificial eyeball -- capable of outperforming the human eye in some ways -- may help droves ...
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‘Sugar is the villain’: Biohacking and synthetic biology do battle against diabetes and heart disease

John Cumbers | 
Here’s a look into the next generation of low-calorie sugar alternatives and continuous glucose monitoring systems set to change the ...
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If we want to go to Mars, we’ll need to figure out how to feed our astronauts. Synthetic biology can help.

John Cumbers | 
Revolutionary food production and closed-loop biomanufacturing could transform human space travel and address the growing food crisis on Earth ...
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Synthetic biology will help us feed ourselves with drought-tolerant crops as climate change accelerates

Xiaohan Yang | 
Drought stress has been a long-time limitation to crop production that is being exacerbated by climate change and associated reductions ...
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Disease is the greatest threat to bee health. Can we protect them through genetically engineered probiotics?

Kostas Vavitsas | 
If you cannot engineer the organism, engineer its microbiome. Since scientists began exploring how to solve problems using synthetic biology, ...
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Synthetic biology amps up ‘decades-old’ vaccine technology

Shelly Fan | 
According to STAT, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Institute of Health (NIH) are betting on synthetic biology to ...
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Coronavirus vaccine created with synthetic biology would be ‘more potent’ than flu shot

Kevin Dickinson | 
As companies hurry to test potential vaccines, the National Institute of Health (NIH) is hoping new bio-engineering techniques to help ...

EU Commission enlists climate-neutral crops and other sustainability tools to meet Green Deal goals

Under its Green Deal, the European Commission has presented a[n] .... action plan that prepares the ground for a sustainable ...
The Green Revolution

Electricity from genetically engineered trees: It’s not as crazy as it sounds—but is it ethical?

Anne Quito | 
What if trees could provide electricity to cities? .... This surrealist idyll isn’t too far-fetched, say a team of researchers ...

Synthetic biosensors: Engineered plants could detect flu viruses and crop pests before they become global problems

Rachel Muenz | 
You’ve felt sick ever since you started working in a different office .... but building management can’t find the source ...
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Fighting the coronavirus outbreak with genetic sequencing, CRISPR and synthetic biology

Kostas Vavitsas | 
We are better prepared for a coronavirus outbreak than a few years ago ...
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Can we prevent a synthetic DNA catastrophe—accidental or intentional—through these proposed safeguards?

New approaches to DNA editing and synthesis have made it easier to manipulate biological agents and systems, increasing the risk ...
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Synthetic booze: Lab-made wine, sake may be coming to a bar near you—and whiskey is already there

Esther Mobley | 
San Francisco startup Endless West unveiled two products Thursday, Feb. 20, the likes of which have never been sold before: ...
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Fashion future? 5 surprising industries synthetic biology could take over

Jenna Gallegos | 
In this post, we highlight a few of the growing fields where burgeoning synthetic biologists can expect to find job ...
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Artificial life forms—’with no mother or father’—could change the way we develop vaccines

Beat Christen | 
Every living creature on Earth has parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on—representing an unbroken line of ancestry all the way ...
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Creating a synthetic version of the coronavirus fuels hopes of treatments — and conspiracy theories

Antonio Regalado | 
Synthetic versions of the deadly virus could help test treatments. But what are the risks when viruses can be synthetized ...
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‘Serious trouble’ for the natural world. Can synthetic biology protect it by redesigning insects and saving threatened species?

Peter Rejcek | 
A paper in the journal PLOS Pathogens described how they synthetically engineered mosquitoes to stop the spread of dengue fever, a viral tropical disease ...
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Boosting Australia’s fire recovery by ‘terraforming’ damaged lands with synthetic biology

Kostas Vavitsas | 
Biotechnology can provide valuable tools for fire prevention and restoration ...
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How good storytelling can help consumers see the benefits of GMOs, synthetic biology

Karl Schmieder, Kostas Vavitsas | 
Synthetic biology is a field full of exciting stories .... I asked Karl Schmieder, a seasoned communications and strategy consultant ...
brain world

Can synthetic biology help deliver an AI brain as smart as the real thing?

John Cumbers | 
To create artificial general intelligence, we need to study the brain ...
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‘Almost no limit’: Synthetic biology has turned the stuff of science fiction into the stuff of science

Jonathan Shaw | 
Synthetic biology, or the application of engineering principles to the design of life, presents world-changing prospects. Could components of a ...
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