Reinstatement of pesticide glyphosate use in Bermuda stirs protestors’ concerns

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Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch, the Minister of Public Works [on the island of Bermuda] announced that his ministry would be granted a licence by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to import restricted concentrated forms of glyphosate herbicide to tackle overgrown roadsides.

Colonel Burch told MPs the licence would be granted only after an integrated vegetation management [IVM] plan had been completed, and he stated the public importation ban on concentrated glyphosate-based herbicides would continue.

Mr Burch described the [IVM ]plan as “the most efficient control plan customized to local conditions” saying its implementation, which has already begun, had potentially significant cost savings. He added: Considerable research and monitoring has occurred both locally and internationally to support the use of glyphosate herbicide with certain conditions and monitoring and those conditions will be met.”


But Jonathan Starling, executive director of [Greenrock, a environmental sustainability nonprofit] , pointed to shortcomings in the local study. He said: “…We are aware of the study previously conducted showing that the impact on human health of using glyphosate is minimal. Our main problem with that study was that it didn’t take a wider look at the environmental impact of glyphosate use.

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