Viewpoint: Brazilian farmers destroy the Amazon? Here’s what Greenpeace isn’t telling you

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In 2016, the Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen flew over the Amazon forest with the head of Greenpeace Brazil as part of a National Geographic series called “Years of Living Dangerously.”

At first, they fly over an endless green forest. “The beauty seems to go on forever,” Bündchen says in her voice-over, “but then [Greenpeace’s Paulo] Adario tells me to brace myself.”

She is horrified by what comes next. Down below her are fragments of forest next to cattle ranches. “All these large geometric shapes carved into the landscape are because of cattle?”


Bündchen starts to cry. “It’s shocking isn’t it?” says Adario.

But is it, really? If it is, does that mean Bündchen cries even harder when she flies over France and Germany?

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After all, those two countries deforested their landscapes centuries ago and all that’s left are cattle ranches and farms with far fewer protected areas and far smaller fragments of forest than the ones Bündchen looked down upon in the Amazon.

Germans produce four times more carbon emissions per capita, including by burning biomass, than do Brazilians, and yet they don’t hesitate to lecture Brazilians about the need to stop deforesting and stop the fires.


Read full, original article: How The EU, Greenpeace, And Celebrities Worsen Fires And Deforestation By Dehumanizing The Amazon

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