GLP podcast: Greenpeace v Golden Rice; Vaccine side effects—myth or reality? Objective truth under fire

GLP podcast: Greenpeace v Golden Rice; Vaccine side effects—myth or reality? Objective truth under fire

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
The Philippines has finally approved Golden Rice, and Greenpeace is doing everything in its power to reverse the decision. A ...
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Podcast: GMOs = colonialism? CRISPR-edited eggs; sustainable shoes made from fungi

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
Distribution of genetically engineered crops to developing countries proves that "colonialism in science is still alive and well," alleges one ...
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Viewpoint: Are GMOs a corporate ploy to colonize developing countries? Is vitamin-A enhanced Golden Rice a plot by ‘Western entities’ to control global agriculture? Here are the facts bungled in Slate commentary.

Cameron English | 
Western scientists who introduce biotech crops into developing nations are paternalistic colonizers. While they claim to be helping farmers in ...
Golden Rice could fight deadly vitamin A deficiency now. Why do farmers have to wait another 3 years to grow it?

Golden Rice could fight deadly vitamin A deficiency now. Why do farmers have to wait another 3 years to grow it?

Matthew Rees, Phil Harvey | 
It’s one of the world’s most preventable tragedies. Every year, as many as 500,000 children go blind because their diet ...
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GM Golden Rice commercialization in Philippines ‘far from reality,’ may be delayed until 2023

Jasper Arcalas | 
At a virtual news briefing on [Nov. 23], PhilRice Healthier Rice Project Leader Dr. Renante L. Ordonio said everyone has ...
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How needless precaution kept a GMO ‘superfood’ off the market: Q&A with Golden Rice author Ed Regis

Cameron English, Ed Regis | 
Seeing what has happened to Golden Rice over the course of 20 years, nothing would surprise me going forward ...
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Viewpoint: Why grow GMOs? To prevent cancer, pesticide poisoning and farmer suicides

Stuart Smyth | 
Activists who desperately cling to lies about the risks of GM crops are now the ones who look 'very stupid.' ...
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Biotech experts push back after week-long protest to block Philippines Golden Rice approval

Pearly Neo | 
Golden Rice is any rice variety that has been genetically modified to include two genes (from maize and soil bacteria) ...
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In effort to block Philippines’ GMO Golden Rice, activists falsely link nutrition-enhanced staple to COVID

Cameron English | 
Anti-biotech groups in the Philippines are trying to link the COVID-19 pandemic to Golden Rice as part of a week-long ...
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Low-hanging fruit: How the first generation of GMO crops yielded massive economic and environmental benefits

Nina Fedoroff | 
There are still no widely available GM varieties of either wheat or rice, the second and third most widely grown ...
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Viewpoint: Developing countries begin rejecting anti-GMO ‘fearmongering’ to reap benefits of biofortified crops

Oliver Peoples | 
Gene and genome editing for crops has been presented as a reasonable solution to create healthier, more plentiful food but ...
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Podcast: How to build a coronavirus; alcohol doesn’t shrink your brain; and locusts threaten famine in East Africa

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
Kevin Folta and Cameron English break down four of the latest headlines from the world of genetics and biotech ...
biofortification way forward nourishing future

Biofortification from Golden Rice and other biotech crops could help cut $3.5 trillion lost annually to malnutrition

Ajay Kohli, Joanna Dupont-Inglis | 
Over two billion people worldwide continue to suffer from hidden hunger, or the lack of essential micronutrients, which impairs the ...
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GMO Golden Rice meets safety standards set by Philippines, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, assessment shows

Norman Oliva | 
Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) persists as a major public health nutrition problem, especially in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Severe ...

Viewpoint: At least 200,000 people die every year GMO Golden Rice is kept off the market

Matt Ridley | 
This is not a story of incompetence and ignorance, but of an antediluvian hostility to science and technology ...
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Neurologist Steven Novella: Greenpeace opposition to Golden Rice approval will be ‘enduring stain’ on activist group’s reputation

Steven Novella | 
[T]he Philippines have just approved Golden Rice as safe for human and animal consumption .... The Philippines is the first ...
Anti-GMO groups in the Philippines launch campaign challenging Golden Rice approval

Anti-GMO groups in the Philippines launch campaign challenging Golden Rice approval

Renzo Acosta | 
The Magsasaka at Siyentipiko para sa Pag-unlad ng Agrikultura (MASIPAG) condemned [Dec. 19] the approval of the genetically-modified crop [Golden ...
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Philippines is first! Long-delayed Vitamin A-enhanced Golden Rice greenlighted, bucking activist opposition

Adrian Dubock, Ingo Potrykus, Peter Beyer | 
The fortified food addresses vitamin A deficiency, which kills an estimated 670,000 children each year ...
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Golden Rice inventors: ‘Why our life-saving GMO crop is still not getting to the impoverished people who need it’

Adrian Dubock, Ingo Potrykus, Peter Beyer | 
Until science-based policy overrules a smear campaign against Golden Rice, VAD-induced death and blindness will continue ...

Philippines approves nutritionally-enhanced GMO Golden Rice for human consumption

After rigorous biosafety assessment, Golden Rice “has been found to be as safe as conventional rice" by the Philippine Department ...

Golden Rice approval in Bangladesh hits temporary snag but approval in early 2020 and planting by 2021 on track

Siobhán Dunphy | 
Golden Rice was developed almost two decades ago by biologists Prof Ingo Potrykus of the Institute of Plant Sciences in ...

GMOs are ‘substantially equivalent’ to conventional foods. Should they face reduced regulations?

Marc Brazeau | 
There really is no tension between patenting plants that are also found by the FDA to be substantially equivalent ...
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Bangladesh GMO Golden Rice approval was expected in November, but regulatory hurdles remain

Erik Stokstad | 
Soon. That has long been scientists' answer when asked about the approval of Golden Rice, a genetically modified (GM) crop ...
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Biofortified CRISPR-edited rice could help battle global vitamin A deficiency

Genome editing could be an alternative approach to improve the vitamin A content of crops, according to a study by ...

Food safety officials reject Golden Rice-cancer link as Philippines inches toward commercializing the GMO crop

Vincent Galang | 
GOLDEN RICE, developed by biotechnologists to address Vitamin A deficiency, is still in the process of completing field trials before ...
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Bangladesh could approve GMO Golden Rice in November 2019—after 10-year delay caused by regulation, activism

Ed Regis | 
By [November 15], Bangladesh’s agriculture minister is expected to announce the approval of “golden rice" for sale and use, making ...
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