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‘Substantial equivalence’: Are GMOs as safe as other conventional and organic foods?

Andrew Porterfield, Jon Entine | 
GMO critics claim that US regulations rely too much on the concept of “substantial equivalence” when evaluating if food is ...
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Is it true there are no long term GMO safety studies?

Andrew Porterfield | 
Anti-GMO activists call for longer animal feed studies to assess the safety of GMOs. But are longer tests really necessary? ...
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Cognitive dissonance: Why some people ignore science and reject GMO safety

Andrew Porterfield | 
Logical, science-based arguments often seem to have no affect on people hardened in their opposition to GMOs. The reasons are ...
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For studies on GMO food safety, does length matter?

Andrew Porterfield | 
Anti-GMO activists call for longer and longer animal studies to assess the safety of GMOs. But are longer tests really ...
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Nutritionist Michelle McGuire responds to attacks in wake of ‘glyphosate not in milk’ study

Michelle McGuire | 
Washington State lactation scientist target of USTRK FOIA and anti-GMO activist attacks after finding glyphosate not in human breast milk ...
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Organic industry and other funders behind Séralini’s anti-GMO studies

David Despain | 
Financial support for the release and publicity of the laboratory animal feeding study by Gilles-Eric Séralini comes from a range ...
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5 reasons how Consumer Reports rejects science on GMOs

Andrew Porterfield | 
Consumer Reports is escalating its opposition to GMO foods. Now, even responses to subscriber/customer inquiries are met with the a ...
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GLP’s Top 6 Stories for the Week

This past week, here are the #TOP6 among many great stories on human and agriculture genetics around the world. Please ...
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Anti-GMO activists circulate Judy Carman’s latest suspect “study” to fan safety fears

Andrew Porterfield | 
Australian researcher whose study alleging GMO feed caused inflammation in pigs was widely discredited now claims more than 80% of ...
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Viewpoint: You can put lipstick on a pig (study), but it still stinks

Bruce Chassy, Henry Miller | 
This article originally ran at Forbes and has been republished here with permission of the author. The tiny cadre of ...
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Michael Pollan as GMO ‘denialist’ dupes credulous New York Times

Jon Entine | 
As one of the world’s most influential journalists, Michael Pollan has the ability to shape public opinion. But by twisting ...

Grist vs. GM Watch: Is there a middle in the GMO debate?

Becca Harrison | 
GM Watch's scathing critique of Nathanael Johnson's efforts to find the middle ground in the GMO debate has not deterred ...

You can put lipstick on a pig (GE feeding study), but it still stinks

Bruce Chassy, Henry Miller | 
The following is an edited excerpt. The tiny cadre of anti-biotechnology activists who reside in the scientific community are perverting ...
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Australia/New Zealand food regulators challenge Carman anti-GMO pig study, endorse GM corn and soy

Regulators Australia/New Zealand have added their voice to mainstream scientists around the world challenging the Carman pig study as "junk ...

Canada: Stomach trouble disputed in GE hog feed study

The following is an edited excerpt. The colour of a slaughtered hog’s stomach lining shouldn’t be taken as a sign ...

Pig feeding study shows how not to use statistics

Adam Merberg | 
The following is an edited excerpt. In the latest issue of Journal of Organic Production Systems, a long-term toxicology study ...

The collateral damage of tripe

Kevin Folta | 
The following is an excerpt. The latest attack on science comes from a report from renowned anti-GM activist Judy Carman ...

GMO pigs study – more junk science

Mark Lynas | 
The following is an excerpt. When I saw on Twitter that a ‘major new peer-reviewed study’ was about to reveal ...
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“GMOs make pigs sick” paper avoids rigorous analysis

David Tribe | 
New research claiming GM foods hurt pigs is more fishing expedition than proper science ...

GM proponents face litigation

Colin Bettles | 
Litigation threats are forcing biotechnology campaigner Bill Crabtree to rethink his approach to the controversial topic, and call for greater ...
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