Lab-grown meat is here: Restaurant in Singapore begins serving chicken made in a bioreactor

Lab-grown meat is here: Restaurant in Singapore begins serving chicken made in a bioreactor

Daniel Bennett | 
By the time you read this, a group of friends at a restaurant in Singapore will have shared a three-course ...
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Will we ever eat lab-grown meat? Infant industry faces technical hurdles and fickle consumers

Elaine Watson | 
Blood, sweat and tears are a given, but we’ll also need to see significant movement in the price and availability ...
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Neophobia: The psychological barrier that inspires knee-jerk rejection of GMOs and other food technology

Jacob Dykes | 
Psychologist Michael Siegrist and nutrition scientist Christina Hartmann have compiled research on the psychological and societal factors that influence consumer ...
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Generation Z accepts GMOs, but 72% not ready to eat lab-grown meat, survey shows

It wasn’t long ago that a U.S.-based study found that 77 percent of Generation Z are just fine with food ...

GMO barley could help produce key lab-grown meat ingredient

Thin Lei Win | 
Using abundant geothermal waters for heating and volcanic ash instead of soil, biotech company ORF Genetics is growing barley [in ...
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Lab-grown…kibble? How cultured meat might sustainably feed our cats and dogs

The alternative meat movement is growing and quite literally for some companies. Companies like Bond see lab-grown meat as a ...
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Vegan eggs, lab-grown beef jerky and 10 other alternative proteins we could be eating soon

Sally Ho | 
[On August 11], Big Idea Ventures (BIV) announces the launch of its second food technology accelerator program in New York City ...
laboratory grown meat to go mainstream in ten years wrbm large

Harvard Law School urges USDA to allow ‘usual meat and poultry terms’ in labeling of cell-based foods

Dan Flynn | 
In some action on the petition front, USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) acknowledges a request from the Harvard ...

KFC developing world’s first bioprinted chicken nuggets for planned rollout in Russia in fall 2020

KFC is taking the next step in its innovative concept of creating a “restaurant of the future” by launching the ...
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Growing fish in space: Lab-grown tuna could feed astronauts of the future

John Cumbers | 
.... [S]ending items into space is extremely expensive—about $10,000 a pound. Space dwellers will need to find a way to ...
laboratory grown meat to go mainstream in ten years wrbm large

Viewpoint: It’s time to expand the definition of ‘meat’ to include lab-grown beef

Andy Lamey | 
It’s no secret by now that the case against meat keeps getting stronger. The social, environmental and ethical costs of ...
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Lab-grown crustaceans modeled after cell-based meats could be first alternative seafood to enter the market

Christine Ro | 
In general, alternative seafood poses an enormous opportunity for investors. There’s huge potential for replicating the many types of seafood ...
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Can we prevent another pandemic with lab-grown, plant-based meat?

John Cumbers | 
In September 2019—two months before the first reported case of the coronavirus—the World Health Organization published a report that said, ...
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USDA, FDA should streamline ‘fragmented’ lab-grown meat regulation, Government Accountability Office finds

General information about the process of making cell-cultured meat—food products grown from the cells of livestock, poultry, and seafood—is available ...
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Consumers may pay more for lab-grown meat once told about its perceived benefits

Oliver Morrison | 
A study at Maastricht University claims people are prepared to pay more for lab-grown meat after being told of its ...
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Soy protein could help turn lab-grown steaks into realistic beef alternatives

Charles Choi | 
Currently scientists have only produced relatively tiny nuggets of lab-grown meat, which can imitate ground beef for use in hamburgers ...
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Vertical farms, lab-grown meat: The sustainable future of food, or ‘wishful thinking’?

Alana Semuels | 
Farmers have grown food in roughly the same way for thousands of years .... Now, entrepreneurs say they have a ...
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Beyond burgers: Why it’s so difficult to create ‘animal free’ steaks, bacon and chicken cutlets

Natalie Rubio | 
A look at the food revolution of today, as well as Cultured Meat 2.0 ...
Clean Poultry

Lab-grown burgers? Cell-based steaks? Alternative meat industry scrambles to find consumer-friendly product names

Chase Purdy | 
The debate over what to call cell-cultured meat remains unresolved—and it could soon develop into a headache for the global ...
laboratory grown meat to go mainstream in ten years wrbm large

3D ‘bioprinting’ could help produce customized, sustainable and more nutrias lab-grown meats

Researchers at IIT-Guwahati [Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati] have developed lab-grown meat, which is nutritious and will be a step ...
Grass Fed Beef vs Grain Fed Beef

Steak from protein powder: Next generation of lab-grown foods on the horizon

Thin Lei Win | 
It may sound like science fiction, but in a few short years the family dinner table may be laden with ...
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Iron-carrying protein myoglobin improves growth, texture, color of lab-grown meat

A team of Tufts University-led researchers exploring the development of cultured meat found that the addition of the iron-carrying protein ...
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Lessons learned from GMOs: How lab-grown meat can avoid crop biotech’s controversial legacy

J.Mohorčicha, Jacy Reese | 
This article discusses the choices and strategies that can hasten or delay the adoption of novel food technologies. We start ...
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Lab-grown burgers and now…coffee? Seattle-based startup developing bean-free ‘molecular’ java

Nikita Richardson | 
[Recently], the United Nations shared yet another alarming report about climate change. This time, it focused on the threat to ...

Viewpoint: Beef industry opposition to plant-based burgers about stifling competition—not consumer protection

Brian Hauss, Jessica Almy | 
There’s a speech war brewing in your supermarket’s meat section. On one side are the beef producers who are fed ...
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Is lab-grown meat really a solution to climate change?

Robin Ganzert | 
To tackle the threat of climate change, there has been a proliferation of harebrained solutions. Right now, the fad du ...
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Lack of regulation could slow introduction of lab-grown meat, former FDA attorney says

Adam Sharpe | 
[A] former leading FDA attorney has warned that the speed at which companies in the cell-based meat sector are developing ...
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